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How to choose the right colour for your front door

Whether you’re looking to impress your guests or increase the value of your property, first impressions count. This is why it’s important that the front of your property is immaculately presented, warm, and welcoming. Some nice potted plants (or hanging plants) on your porch makes a nice impression, as does a well maintained lawn. However, the front door is arguably the focal point of the front of the home, therefore it requires additional attention. While front doors come in many styles and materials, the first thing guests are likely to notice is the colour. Believe it or not, the colour of your front door says a lot about you!

Before we get into the different colour choices and what they convey, it’s important to remember that the colour should also compliment the architectural style and exterior of your home. For instance, a bright purple door might be the perfect accent to a modern apartment, but for a traditional, rural cottage, it might be wholly inappropriate. As a rule of thumb, earthy tones are usually a great fit for the doors of quaint, rural properties.

Ultimately, it is your personal choice, and it’s more important that you pick a colour that you enjoy looking at every time you arrive at your property rather than something which strictly adheres to the common style guides. Remember that door colours look different under natural light compared to the dim evening, so it is worth checking your colour in a variety of settings before you make a decision.

In addition to the shade of colour, it’s also important to remember that the type of paint will also have a huge effect on the aesthetic impression. High gloss finishes tend to look inappropriate on older, timber doors while low key matte finishes can really help to bring out the door’s rustic charm. Between these two ends of the spectrum, you can also choose low-lustre and semi-gloss finishes which have their own physical properties. If you’re looking to purchase a new front door, check out our gallery and feel free to contact us with any questions about the type of paint on each item. So, with that out of the way, let’s skip to the exciting part – the colours!

Bright red

Nothing conveys confidence like a bright red front door. “Perhaps the most stirring hue in the entire color spectrum, red has been found to actually raise one’s blood pressure. We associate it with life, vitality and passion,” says Jennifer Ott, Houzz contributor. Generally, this shade works best when the exterior of your property is coloured neutrally in order to make a great contrast. If the exterior of your property features bolder colours, a bright red front door may be a step too far.

Majestic purple

If you’re looking to make a statement but don’t want something as bold as red, purple provides an excellent alternative. With regal connotations, a purple front door looks extremely sophisticated, particularly if the exterior of your property is neutral or understated.


Black is an excellent selection for your front door because it goes with practically every type of architectural style and exterior decor. While black doors don’t generally act as a focal point, they can be a great compliment to the overall impression of the front of your property. Black works extremely well with clean white and charcoal tones.

Lime green

A lime green door is unusual and thus immediately commands attention. This particular shade works well with contemporary architectural styles and provides a lovely accent to grey and rustic brown tones.


Nothing conveys energy and vibrancy like a radiant orange front door. If you want to feel rejuvenated every time you arrive at your property, an orange front door is bound to do the job. Do approach with care however, because an orange front door can create an unpleasant clash with other bold exterior tones such as purple. With neutral tones, orange works a treat!