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Choosing furniture for your conservatory

As Ideal Home says, “A conservatory is a lovely way to add space to your home. It’s a room designed for pleasure, where you can make the most of the early morning sun or draw down the conservatory blinds at night to listen to the rain from a cosy armchair.” To make the most of this versatile and stylish space, you need to furnish it with care and attention. Selecting the right sofas, chairs, tables, and accessories can help you to create a welcoming and usable space that’s perfect for all the family.

How will you use your conservatory?

The type of furnishings you choose for your conservatory will depend on how you want to use the space. Will it be an occasional bedroom? A home office? A dining room? Or a social space? The more you think about its function, the easier it will be to furnish your conservatory.

Keep it light and bright

Thanks to their glazed roof and walls, conservatories are by nature light, bright spaces. Emphasise this airiness by investing in furniture that’s made from natural materials or finished in light, neutral tones. Avoid pieces that are very chunky or dark, as they’ll dominate the space and could make it feel smaller.

Keep it natural

As your conservatory forms the link between the inside and outside of your home, they lend themselves perfectly to natural materials and eco-friendly design. Try to source furniture that’s made from wood or that’s finished with natural materials. Plants can also be used to emphasise the link between the exterior and interior, so why not place a few feature trees and shrubs in the space?

Don’t clutter

Conservatories are generally at their best when clutter is kept to a minimum. To ensure you don’t over furnish the space, begin by placing only the items that are absolutely essential in your new conservatory. Once you’ve lived with your minimal interior for a few days, you can start adding extras like ornamental tables, sideboards and knickknacks. Taking it slowly should help you to find the right balance when furnishing your conservatory.

If you use your conservatory as your main access to the garden, reducing the amount of furniture in the room is even more important as it will make it easier for you and your family to pass through the space quickly and easily.


If you want to keep your furnishings to a minimum but don’t want the space to appear empty or cold, accessories can help you to add a warm, welcoming look to your conservatory. Cushions, lamps and plants can all look great as part of your interior design. Make sure you select pieces that match your chosen colour palette and your design theme.

For more ideas on transforming your conservatory, or to find out about building a new conservatory, explore our site or contact a member of our team.