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Best windows for Bathrooms – from frames to frosted panes

Choosing a window for your bathroom isn’t always easy. As @curbly says, “Bathroom windows are unique, both in form and function. They need to let light into a small space, while at the same time, afford you privacy.”

On top of functionality, most homeowners want their bathroom windows to look good too, making it even more of a challenge to find the perfect windows.

To help you find the right frames and panes for your bathroom, we’ve put together a quick guide on the most important things to consider before you buy.


Unless your bathroom faces out over fields or woodland that never see a single walker or farmer pass by, you’ll probably want to invest in frosted panes for your bathroom windows.

Frosted panes allow light to pass into the room while protecting your privacy. This makes them the ideal choice for your bathroom.

As opaque glass lets slightly less light through than standard glass, your bathroom is likely to be slightly darker than other rooms in your property. You can counteract this by installing bright lights in your bathroom ceiling and around your mirror.

Size and position

If you’re renovating your bathroom, you may be able to change the size and location of your windows. The size of your bathroom windows will probably be dictated by the layout and size of the room.

Ideally, your window needs to be easily accessible. This will allow you to open and close it when you need to let the air in or keep the cold out.

This means you shouldn’t put your window behind your bath. Moreover, you also don’t want to place it too close to your shower as water spray can get into the frame of the window and cause mould to appear.

Bathroom windows often look good when placed between the toilet and bath. You could also consider installing the window behind the sink unit. If you’re struggling to fit it in, choosing a smaller window size should help you find the perfect spot.

Letting the air in

The key to preventing mould and damp building up in your bathroom is circulation. Having air constantly move through the space will help to remove moisture from the atmosphere and keep the room feeling, and smelling, fresh.

Look for bathroom windows that can safely be left open. These types of frames will often let you open the window from the top or the side by just a few inches. This allows the air to circulate while preventing anyone from accessing the space from outside.

If you’re currently renovating your bathroom and are looking for windows that will do your space justice, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our team, or explore our site, to find out more.