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The best window treatment trends of 2018

As a leading supplier of high-quality double glazed windows, we know that the journey to a beautifully presented home isn’t over the moment installation is finished. In fact, it’s just the beginning. With the right new windows, you have the perfect canvas to create the décor look of your dreams. Window treatments provide the perfect finishing touch, as well as an array of benefits as detailed here by ShadesShuttersBlinds:

“A window treatment is much more than just a window covering. Different kinds of treatments can be used to enhance the functionality and style of your windows. Some of the most common types of window treatments include drapes, curtains, sheers, blinds and shutters. All these varieties are used for almost the same purposes, to provide the required privacy, control the light, insulate and add style to the room’s decor.”

We recently revealed the window treatments that increase privacy in your home. We’re back to unveil the best window treatment trends of this year so you can keep your décor stylish and current as well as reap the rewards of treatment use.

Bamboo blinds

Going au naturel with your window treatment is the perfect option to add texture to neutral colour schemes or earthy tones. Bamboo blinds are nothing new, but they’re making a comeback for 2018. Perfect for sunny rooms that need privacy but don’t want to lose the available natural light completely, bamboo blinds are also particularly budget friendly.

Roman shades

Roman shades are a timeless classic, and thanks to the plethora of designs available you’ll be able to stay on trend whatever the new season brings. In comparison to hard window treatments, like wood blinds, roman shades add a softness to windows, whilst the latest floral designs provide a feminine feel.

There are many more benefits to adding Roman shades to your windows. Owners of this window treatment tend to enjoy better temperature and light control thanks to their light and flexible design.

Sheer drapes

Drapes made from sheer material diffuse light, providing a stunning effect indoors, particularly across light and airy spaces. Although sheer drapes have been around for a number of years, the repurposed trim trend is transforming the look and feel of this classic treatment. Many homeowners are customising their sheer drapes or voile with tailor-made edging. We’ve seen drapes repurposed with taffeta trim and edges decorated with antique fabrics and old sari material.

Matching curtains

Contrast between curtain and décor has been the way to go for interiors in recent years, but matching prints are dominating the interior design scene this year. The latest trends see the same prints adorning walls, soft furnishings, and curtains for a coherent, cutting edge finish.

Complementary casings

It’s not just window treatments and décor that are being lovingly matched to create trend worthy interior looks. 2018 has see an increasing number of people match their treatments with their window casings for the ultimate complementary finish.

Our windows are available in a selection of colours, from traditional woodgrain to bright and bold primary colours, meaning you can find the complementary casings you need to complete your look.

There are several reasons to choose coloured frames, so why not personalise your property with a window upgrade?