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3 sure-fire ways to add value before putting your property on the market

There are many ways to increase the value of your property when you come to sell it. But some of the best ways is to reap that benefit for yourself, too, by installing – and living with – those additions prior to selling. 

@PropertymarkUK: “Big projects like loft conversions, adding a conservatory or converting a garage are big projects with big rewards. In fact, 22 per cent of homes sold in 2019 had an extension added, increasing a property’s value and making them more appealing to buyers.”

Having double glazing installed and a new driveway with off-street parking built is another great way of adding value to your property.

Double glazing helps with an EPC rating

According to a report by the insurance company Royal London, having ‘modern windows,’ i.e. double glazing installed, can add as much as £9,597.93 to the value of your home. 

New windows will also improve your home’s kerb appeal – something that should never be overlooked, considering that most potential buyers will instantly judge your home the minute they see it.

Having new windows fitted will also give you more money to save up for your next home. According to the Energy Efficiency Trust, putting A++-rated double-glazed windows in place of single glazing can save you up to £235 a year in utility costs and 405kg of carbon dioxide. That’s because you will impressively reduce the amount of heat you lose from gaps in your old windows, making your home much warmer.

And that in itself means the rating on your home’s energy performance certificate will probably be much higher – making it a much more appealing investment for any potential buyer.

A conservatory adds ‘another room’

The same survey by Royal London showed that adding a conservatory to your home can add £9,390.26 to its overall value. 

Conservatories can reduce the heat lost in a home by providing an extra insulating layer. Installing a sealed sliding door and sealed blinds or heavy, lined curtains helps with this ‘heat retention strategy’ too. Again, you will save on energy bills. More than that, though, a modern, thermally-insulated conservatory will also add an additional room to your home. This is an attractive space new potential buyers can use as a playroom, office, or even an additional bedroom – and it’s a much less expensive way of adding an extra room than having an extension built.

Driveway with private parking

According to the website, Property Price Advice, adding a driveway can increase the value of your home by anything from five to 10 per cent.

Most people add a driveway to the front or sideways of their home because they want to be able to park their car securely. Certainly, off-street parking is becoming increasingly desirable these days. 

Another benefit of adding a driveway is having your car parked off the road means your insurance premiums will reduce while you live there. 

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