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4 reasons to use a front door curtain

There are a number of different ways to enhance the entryway to your home. Perhaps you’ve thought about painting the front door a new colour. Maybe you’re thinking of having some decorative glass fitted. If however, you’re looking for something a bit different, why not add a curtain? There are many benefits to installing a front door curtain, some of which we’ll explore here.

Increased privacy

One of the greatest benefits of hanging a door curtain is the privacy it provides. This is particularly useful if you have glass panels built into your door. Even with obscure glass, it is usually possible to see shapes and colours on the other side of the door. By hanging a curtain, you can prevent people from seeing directly into your home. As a bonus, you’ll still be able to see out, simply by stepping in front of the curtain.

Draught exclusion

If you suffer from a draughty front door, there are several ways you can deal with the problem. One option is to invest in a draught excluder – you could even make your own. If a draught excluder isn’t really your style, you might want to consider a door curtain instead. Look for something in a heavy fabric such as faux suede or velvet. The thickness of the material will help to stop any door draughts from coming into your hallway. A heavy material will also be less likely to move with the flow of air. An additional benefit of using a curtain to manage draughts is that you can match it to your décor.

Visual appearance

Visual appearance is a key consideration when adding any textiles to your home. Whether it’s a new sofa or a curtain for your door, the design should compliment your personal style. The great thing about a door curtain is that there are so many options to choose from. If you favour a chic, contemporary style, you might opt for a plain material in a neutral tone. If you prefer eye-catching designs, you could go for a pattern in bold colours. For more traditional homes, a muted tone might be more appropriate.

The staff at Interior design blog, Elle Decor, state:

“Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.”

Also consider the type of fabric you’d like to use. As mentioned above, a heavier fabric is likely to be sturdier. It will also create a cosy ambiance in your entryway. A lightweight fabric will have a cooler, airy feel. You could always buy one of each and swap them over according to the season.

Multiple options

Some people worry that a door curtain won’t be a practical solution for their home. They may think their space is too small to accommodate a curtain, or that opening the door will be difficult. However it is worth considering all the installation options, before making a decision. Hanging a fixed curtain rail above the door is one possibility. In this scenario, the curtain will remain in place but can be held ‘open’ with tiebacks or hooks. Another option is to use a hinged rail, which moves the curtain out of the way as the door opens. Alternatively, you could fit a curtain either side of the door and choose when to have them open or closed.

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