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Workplace windows add to productivity

It’s a proven fact that an appealing workplace offers many benefits to staff and employers, but it’s even more interesting when you see that workplace windows add to productivity. In fact statistics show that workers in windowed offices were shown to spend 15%  more time staying on task than colleagues in windowless offices.

Why commercial windows are a great asset

There have been many studies carried out on offices with windows, and they found that not only does the natural light enhance well-being, but it can also encourage better sleep patterns. Research showed that workers in offices with windows received 173 % more white light exposure, which transpired to an extra 46 minutes more sleep per night. The study was carried out by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, who state that daylight exposure on office workers has a remarkable effect.

The downside to windows

Although windows inarguably add to work productivity, they can have their downsides –

  • Is the workplace affected by excessive heat?
  • Is the glare from the windows affecting the computers screens?
  • Is the sun fading your office furniture?
  • Is it difficult, or impossible to affix blinds or shutters?
  • Is it affecting your air conditioning costs?
  • Is the heat affecting workers during the Summer months
  • Is the cost of Window cleaning & maintenance high

As beneficial as working in a windowed environment can be, too much sunlight can be disadvantageous. A constant barrage of unhealthy UV sun rays can contribute towards illness and fatigue, and the constant glare on a computer screen can cause headaches. All of these symptoms will result in a loss of productivity.

What is the answer?

Applying a heat-reflective and insulated window film can counteract many of these problems.

Currently used on thousands of commercial building windows around the world, the latest insulation films retain the heat whilst the solar properties contained in the film cut the sun’s glare by up to 85 % and the heat by up to 80 %. The harmful impact of the sun being considerably curbed will contribute towards the reduction of furniture fading by a massive 95 %.

Some people can feel exposed with so many windows, so a few of the the window films have a one-way mirror finish to provide privacy. This mirror effect also has additional uses in that it offers a deterrent for intruders and taking it one step further for high value and high risk business premises, can also act as protection against a bomb blast.

Eco friendly and decorative

The film not only reflects the sun’s glare away, it also captures the heat and stores it for later use, thus helping to keep those energy bills down and reducing that carbon footprint. It eliminates the need for cumbersome curtains, bothersome blinds and cuts down on dust and insect build up. It’s easy to apply and simple to clean and with it being available in a range of designs, including –

  • Frosted.
  • Stained glass effect.
  • Corporate branded.
  • Transparent.
  • Etched glass effect.

Adding windows can make the difference between simply going to work and enjoying going to work. Make your workplace the best it can be, and if your windows are causing any of the above problems, then take a look at adding window film. It could just be the perfect marriage.