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How to decorate your outside windows for Christmas

If you don’t plan on decorating your door with a wreath this Christmas then your windows are the next best thing. 

From twinkling stars to fake snow scenes and imitation frost, it’s pretty easy to create a stunning glass display that’ll be the envy of your neighbours. And we have some great ideas right here:

Use your sills 

A colourful wreath looks great hanging in the centre of your windows, but jazz things up a bit by decorating the sill too. Lay down greenery and have coordinating ribbons to match those on the wreath, creating a full window effect.

Double up

Why stick with just one wreath when you can have too? Smaller silver or gold beaded wreaths hung so one falls from the other look lovely and are great for taller windows. If you’re two windows sitting side by side then hang matching wreaths in each for a tidy, symmetrical finish.

Make a frosted window

It can be touch or go whether you wake to frosted windows over the Christmas holidays – and even more unlikely if you have cosy double glazing. So, make sure you and the kids don’t miss out by making your own frost. 

It’s easy to do and just involves a packet of Epsom salts, some flat lager (yes, really!) and a sponge. After mixing the beer and salts wait until the salt dissolves completely then simply dip the sponge in and sweep it in an arc shape along the bottom of the window. Once it dries it will look like frost. If you don’t have any flat lager use a couple of drops of blue washing up liquid.

And yes – we know what you’re thinking, but the frost actually wipes off very easily using a sponge and mixture of water and white vinegar (50/50).

Hang a quilted star banner

It’s a simple idea, but oh so effective. Cut out matching stars on various pieces of pretty fabric squares then sew or stick them together. Leave a small gap near the top so you can feed the stars through a piece of plain white or coloured string. Now drape them around your windows or hang them in an arch fashion. 

Make waterless snow globes

These look great sitting on your window sill or strung up and hanging from a curtain rail. Just get some different sized glass jars (preferably smaller ones with a wide base, such as dip jars. You’ll also need some snowflakes or twinkle flakes for artificial snow (you can get these in most craft shops), a handful of mini trees and snowmen, glue, glitter and some white spray paint.

Remove the lids and spray paint them white. Next get your scene together i.e. snowman, trees etc. For extra sparkle, you can coat them in glue and sprinkle glitter over them. Now stick them to the lid.

Next, fill the jars with some ‘snow’ – enough to semi-bury your snowman or Christmas tree. Once the lids are dry, stick them back on the jar and turn them upside down. Hey, hey, ho – one easy Christmas decoration.