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Make the most of your views with a window seat

Window seats create a snug, cosy haven to sit and relax, and are great for optimising a small space. If you have a window with a view, why not make the most of it, by adding a seat for you to take a pew and watch the world go by. Window seats are a traditional feature that will look great in any home, whether that is a modern or period property. A pretty seat – set in a nice sunny spot, topped with cushions and a cosy throw, what could be better! There are many ideas you can use when looking for window seat designs, some of which we will look at here.

Types of window seats

  • The storage window seat will come either as a hinged bench, which will have a lid that lifts so that items can be stored inside, or as a bench with compartments underneath the seat where you could store books and other items.
  • The sofa window seat is a more comfortable option, usually a small seat for two people. These look great in modern homes and for dressing up a plain window area.
  • The French window seat is a traditional piece of furniture. The seat is a small padded bench with rolled arms, often featuring a floral design with a shabby chic appearance. There are some wonderful antique French window seats that can be purchased which will be ideal for period homes.

Window seat accessories

There are so many accessories to choose from – to dress up your window seat and the window it lives by. When purchasing trimmings for your seat think about the area where your seat is located and how it is used; for example, do you use your seat to sit and relax or to read? If this is the case, comfort should be your first thought. It serves a more practical use, such as a storage bench window seat located in the kitchen, then you will dress that bench to suit that room. Seat pads for window seat benches will add extra comfort; you could easily make them yourself with foam and cover them with the fabric of your choice. There is also a wide range available to buy. Cushions and throws are a must if you are looking for something cosy. Mix and match them for an individual look. Wicker baskets, for example, give a rustic appearance. These are great for storage and look lovely too. Why not decorate the baskets with fabric and ribbon for a shabby chic look?

Other accessories can be added to the area to complement your seat. This could be placing small side tables at both ends of your window seat, so you have somewhere to place your coffee. You could even put a small lamp on each table or some candles to give some soft lighting to the area. Windows can be dressed up to complete the look of the seating area and also provide some privacy; perhaps with soft drapes and tie backs to match your throws and cushions or blinds.

Window seats are a truly lovely addition to any home. If you are into DIY, why not try making your own customised seat!