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When the time comes for a spring clean around the home, cleaning windows is often perceived as one of the most dreaded tasks of all! It can be difficult to do a good job without getting streaks on the glass – but window cleaning doesn’t need to be a challenge. With the right equipment and cleaning solutions, it can be a breeze. Here’s a few tips to help make the job easier:

1.  Clean The glass from top to bottom

Be methodical: instead of cleaning your windows (and mirrors) in random directions, start at the top and work your way down to the bottom to achieve a streak-free finish. This will also avoid any drippage finding its way onto the glass surface.

2. Do the job on a cloudy day

Although it might seem to make sense to do a window clean on a sunny day, the sun can actually dry the window wash too quickly. This is what often results in residue and streaks. It’s far better to do the cleaning on an overcast day; you will be surprised to find that the result is a far better finish.

3.  Use a squeegee

A successful window clean is all in the tools that you use. A squeegee is the easiest way to avoid streaks as you only have to go over the surface of your windows once. Streaks occur when you keep going over the same areas. If you are cleaning tall windows, opt for a squeegee with a handle. These can be found fairly cheap from many DIY shops or Amazon. It will be a very worthwhile investment!

If you don’t have a squeegee to hand but really need to get those windows cleaned, you can even use an old t-shirt. This won’t have any lint residue and should be absorbent enough to achieve a shiny clean with minimal streaks.

4.  Remember the window corners

It can be incredibly frustrating when you get a fantastic clean but then you find a collection of residue on the corners of your windows. To tackle these you need to use something small to keep focused on those tiny areas and avoid creating streaks in the main section of the window. To do this, we suggest using a cotton bud.

5.  Avoid damaging the woodwork

You need to be careful when using glass and window cleaners; their chemicals can really harm the framed wood areas of windows and mirrors and cause long-lasting damage. So just be wary of letting the cleaning solution drip onto the wood. Use the cleaning solution sparingly and avoid spraying too much all at once. Spray the window in small sections working your way from the top down to the bottom of the glass.

Photo by Michael Swan