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A big window that lets in the light can add character and colour to a room. If, however, those windows are streaked, dirty or covered with dust, it can make a room appear dowdy and dull. For conservatories and orangeries, clean windows are essential as both rooms are 90% glass!

For some people, window cleaning is a bit like difficult homework (you know you have to do it, but you put it off for as long as possible). So how can you ensure that the biannual window clean goes as smoothly as possible? By choosing the most simple and effective method there is!

Which system to use?

Some of the window cleaning options include:

  • A commercial brand spray and 2 cloths (one for application and one for removal)
  • Washing up liquid and a squeegee, ensuring the squeegee isn’t ripped or worn down as it could cause scratches on the glass
  • Professional window cleaning service
  • Powerwash
  • Steam cleaner
  • The very latest robotic window cleaner

For many people, however, the age old system of vinegar and newspaper still produces the best results.

To begin you need a dirty window, bucket, old newspaper (old fashioned black & white sheets, not glossy coloured supplements), vinegar (white, not malt) and rubber gloves.

Mix up the cleaning solution of:

If your windows are very grimy then give them a quick wash with a weak washing up liquid/warm water solution before you begin the deep clean.


To apply the solution, pour it into an empty spray bottle or dip the newspaper into it, squeezing the excess out before it touches the window.

Remember to clean from top to bottom. Begin rubbing in a circular motion to rid the glass of all smears and marks. Switch then to vertical swipes, followed by horizontal strokes until all the liquid has dissipated and the glass window is completely soaked. Take a dry piece of newspaper and rub in a circular motion all over the glass to rid it of water stains, leaving it with a beautiful streak free shine. The vinegar/water mixture can even remove children’s sticky hand prints!

Why this method is still being used today

  • Totally cost effective – by using old newspapers you are saving on buying expensive (sometimes inferior) cleaning products.
  • Eco-friendly as no toxic chemicals are used and afterwards being poured down our drains .
  • Super sparkling, streak-free windows .
  • No residue left on the windows or in the corners of the frames from paper towels or cloths.

So whether your windows are stained glass, double glazed, triple glazed or thermochromic, at some point in time the glass will need to be cleaned. It’s reassuring to see that the methods used by our great grandparents are still leading the way even today.

[Photo by Andrys]