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Why upgrading your timber windows makes sense

Historically, timber-framed windows were the go-to choice for homes of all periods. As recently as four decades ago, the now popular PVC-U windows we regularly supply weren’t available. Since wooden windows need care and attention through the seasons, that meant more maintenance and greater expense. The advent of PVC-U changed all of that.

Here we take a closer look at the benefits of choosing PVC-U over timber, and unveil the process that will transform your home for good.

The problem with timber framed windows

Timber-framed windows suffer the same misfortunes as old timber frame houses. Without the correct maintenance, timber windows are vulnerable to damp, fungal attack, beetle infestation, movement and structural failure among other issues. These problems can be costly to remedy.

Information resource DIY Doctor offers an insight into the potential problems with timber frames in their guide to preserving and treating wooden windows:

“The biggest enemy of all types of timber windows is water. When water is allowed to sit on the surface of the timber it can cause the fibres in the wood to expand and soften. This soft moist surface is the perfect breeding ground for mould, and insect attack, which cause rot. This rotting is a natural process, in fact it is nature’s way of recycling dead trees, which is very useful in the forest but is most inconvenient in your wooden window at home.”

Counteracting the issues that commonly cause timber windows to fail should be an important part of your household maintenance plan. But what steps can you take if your timber windows have passed the point of repair and require replacement?

Replace with PVC-U or timber?

PVC-U windows offer a much better alternative than many people think. PVC-U window designs have evolved dramatically in recent years, and these days a number of PVC-U designs can be found on period homes, thanks to their authentic look and feel. Whilst replacing with timber frame like-for-like designs is of great importance for listed buildings and certain period homes, replacing timber windows with PVC-U doesn’t produce the tacky, plastic look that it once did.

Our PVC-U windows provide a high-quality finish in a number of designs. Choose from our box sash vertical sliding windows, open-out casement windows and tilt/turn open-in windows to achieve the look you desire.

Our window range is also available in a selection of colours. As well as white and coloured frames, those craving the timber finish without the disadvantages will find solace in our rosewood and antique oak woodgrain finishes. You can view just some of our upgrade success stories by visiting our Window Gallery.

The process of upgrading your windows

Upgrading your windows from timber to PVC-U is a streamlined and straightforward process thanks to our team. We work with you from the very beginning, taking you from consultation, site survey and window design selection to planning, installation and aftercare. For developers, architects and specifiers, our liaison meetings ensure full communication is maintained throughout the entire process, keeping clients, residents, contractors and other supply chain members firmly in the loop.