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5 Ways to upgrade your front door

The majority of us look at our front door daily. This can mean that we don’t actually notice it. And yet, it’s the first thing visitors are confronted with when they visit us at home. 

It often takes a friend or relative to let us know how run down our front door has become. If that’s the case with you, then here are a few ideas to get an entranceway to your home that you can feel proud of once again.

Give it a lick of paint

It’s amazing what a few coats of quality paint can do to any front door. And, why not paint the window frames too? Just make sure it’s paint especially for exteriors since this will help protect your door from the wet British weather.

The colour you choose to paint your door can make it look stately (ie navy blue), cottage-like (mint green) or vibrant (pillar box red). Then again, you could always opt for a neutral shade such as a contemporary grey or vanilla.

Upgrade the glass

If your door is the type that has glass – then would changing it to a more modern type of glass or even coloured glass, make a difference? In most cases, it will because glass can become dull pretty quickly. 

What about some shiny mirrored window film if you’re fed up with glass? This can also give your home a more updated feel.

Add new door hardware

A new shiny letterbox, fancy door knocker or an impressive contemporary door handle can all give your door a bit of a boost. These aren’t exactly expensive considering the difference it can make. They’re also easy to put on (if you don’t want to do it yourself then simply get in a local handyman). 

It’s even possible these days to go completely keyless. Some doors have Android smartphone compatibility so who cares if you’ve left your keys on the kitchen island at home this time?

Go green

No, we don’t mean in terms of colour (we’ve already done that bit), rather we mean energy efficient. Invest in a smart new door trim or get a letterbox brush – both will help retain heat in your home and prevent dirt and dust from entering the hallway.

@EnergySvgTrust: Fitting draught-proofing to the doors and windows will save the typical household around £25 a year.

Always accessorise

A couple of decent-sized planters with lovely blooms or a small tree on either side of your door can look fabulous. Not only is this cheery for visitors but it can detract from any bits of falling masonry etc on the front of the house that you’ve not got around to fixing yet. 

A great mat, contemporary sidelights and a seasonal wreath are great door ornaments too.