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While you’d be forgiven if you live in the UK and aren’t aware of the benefits of triple glazing, in Scandinavian countries triple glazing has been around for decades. The advantages of double glazed windows are well understood by now: they’re great for conserving heat which helps to reduce utility bills; they are also good for the environment and they help to reduce noise. At a time when energy bills seem to be going through the roof, many homeowners are choosing to install triple glazed windows to make their home’s more energy efficient.

Triple glazing explained

Triple glazing involves three glass window panes separated by air (or energy efficient gas) for the purpose of reducing heat transfer and noise, whereas double glazing only uses two. Thus, the aforementioned benefits gained from double glazing are increased due to the extra pane of glass.

Acoustic insulationTriple glazed window

For homeowners with properties situated close to major roads, triple glazing can help to increase quality of life by reducing noise. For this reason, triple glazing is often a good choice for those who work from home, and it is also frequently installed in professional recording studios situated in busy metropolitan centers for the purpose of noise reduction.

Thermal efficiency

In Scandinavian countries which are notoriously cold, triple glazing is now the standard. In fact, in places such as Alaska we are now seeing quadruple glazing become more popular! While the UK is nowhere near as cold as Alaska, we are known to have prolonged periods of bitter weather which can encourage us to keep our homes insulated as best as possible. Triple glazing is capable of reducing heat loss through windows by up to 30%, which may appeal strongly to people living in the colder regions of the UK, particularly in the north of England and in Scotland. In addition to this, in rooms with high humidity there is a reduced risk of condensation occurring if triple glazed windows are installed. For more information about thermal efficiency, please contact the British Fenestration Rating Council.

Triple glazing works best with other forms of insulation

In order to maximise the energy efficiency of your home, triple glazed windows are best accompanied with thick curtains – this will prevent heat from being lost during the night and can help to reduce draughts too. In addition to this, sealed shutters are also an effective method for keeping heat inside your home for longer. According to the Energy Saving Trust, draught-proofing your windows and doors can save the typical household between £10 to £50 a year.

Is triple glazing the right choice for me?

While triple glazing is known to reduce noise and conserve heat, these benefits do come with a price. As technological advances are made the price is expected to come down, but as it stands, triple glazing is an option primarily selected by new homeowners rather than existing homeowners looking to upgrade from double glazing. For advice and information regarding the glazing options for the windows of your property, please get in contact and we’d be happy to be of assistance.

(Photo by GaborfromHungary)