Basic door and window security: 4 top security investments for your home

Security keys

National Home Security Month returns in October, and we are focusing on relaying top security advice for your windows and doors. NHSM reveal, “Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed that throughout 2016, an astonishing 551,000 people were targeted by burglars during the year. With such staggering results coming to light, this shows just how many people are affected by such crimes in the UK, causing both financial and psychological impact to the homeowners and their families.”  

With these worrying figures, it makes sense to take steps to make sure your doors and windows are secure. Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home.

Here is a quick look at the 4 top security investments for your home.

1. Deadlocks

A deadlock or deadbolt is a strong spring bolt lock. This lock can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder with the key, thus making the deadlocked door resistant to unauthorised entry. Installing a deadbolt to a door will strengthen it, making it pretty much impossible to break if someone decides to take a boot to it or force it open.

2. Window grills and bars

You may not like the idea of these, worrying it will make your house feel like a prison. But, don’t be put off! Grills and bars on your windows can add character to your windows, especially on traditional and period properties. They come in decorative designs, and are easy to put up. The practical side to Investing in these is that it will stop burglars gaining entry into your home. Even if burglars manage to open or smash a window, they won’t be able to squeeze through.

3. Restricted and patented keys

Patented keys cannot be copied without proof of ownership. If a key is patented, it means that the patent agencies have given exclusivity to that particular key design. This means there is no legal way of making another copy. If an illegal copy is made, legal action can be taken. Patented keys expire after 20 years, so will need to be replaced. Restricted keys are not easy to copy. This is due to their unique design, and no duplicates can be cut unless authorised by the registered keeper. The Master Locksmith Association (MLA) recommend that you change locks if you have recently moved house as this will avoid any spare sets being used.

4. Window alarms

Adding vibrating, shock sensitive window alarms will add extra security to your home. If the glass is broken or forced, the alarm will sound. These are a great security investment as they are cheap to buy and are easy to install. There are also door wedge alarms that sense pressure, sounding an alarm if the door is opened. The alarms on these should stop any burglar in their tracks.