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Our top 3 energy saving tips for summer

Though most of us use less energy during the summer months, the majority of households in the UK could reduce their consumption even further by taking a few simple steps. By changing a few of your habits at home, you could slash your summer bills, do your bit for your local environment, and teach your family about the importance of energy efficiency.

1. Talk to your family

As @uSwitchUK says, “One of the best ways to save energy is to get everyone on board. Educate everyone in your home about saving energy and how you can work as a unit to cut costs.” If you can get your partner, children, or housemates involved with your energy saving plans, you’ll have a much higher chance of success. Explain to the other members of your household just how important it is to save energy this summer. Talk to them about the benefits energy saving has on both the environment and on your finances. Try to get them excited about making a difference.

2. Change the way you cook

When the sun is shining and it’s warm outside, the last thing most of us want is to dig into a heavy, stodgy meal. Instead of baking food in the oven or spending hours cooking on the hob, switch to salads and light meals instead. By limiting the amount you use your oven, you can save a huge amount of electricity this summer. What’s more, as your kitchen won’t get as hot while you’re cooking, you can also save energy on air conditioning and fans. You’ll feel healthier as well.

3. Insulate

Though most of us think of insulation as being most crucial during the winter months, it’s equally important in the summer. Not only do well insulated windows, doors and walls help to keep the warm air in when it’s cold outside, they also help keep the hot air out and ensure your home is cool and comfortable – even on the hottest of days. If your existing windows and doors are draughty, or made from old fashioned materials, replacing them with high quality modern alternatives could transform your energy efficiency.

Taking steps to reduce the amount of energy you use during the summer months can help you do your bit for the environment and boost your finances. To find out more, explore the info on our site, or contact a member of our team.