4 reasons to use a front door curtain

There are a number of different ways to enhance the entryway to your home. Perhaps you’ve thought about painting the front door a new colour. Maybe you’re thinking of having some decorative glass fitted. If however, you’re looking for something a bit different, why not add a curtain? There are many benefits to installing a […]

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Get a better night’s sleep with the right curtains

We all appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Getting enough rest can make us happier, more energetic, and more productive. Unfortunately, not getting enough can have the opposite effect. One way to increase your chances of sleeping peacefully is fit your bedroom windows with the right curtains. Here are a few ideas, to […]

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5 tips for installing perfectly finished and correctly placed curtains

Curtains can really add the finishing touches to a room – making them as important to the final look as other elements of your interior décor. Correctly placed curtains can completely transform a regular, plain window into a true focal point of the home. However, fitting the curtains so that they hang perfectly can be quite […]

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