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Some surprising uses for conservatories

As @homes_antiques says, “many of us long for a little extra space at home but are reluctant or unable to splash out on a full extension. The addition of a conservatory, however, comes as a welcome halfway house, offering a versatile space at an affordable price.” With this extra space, comes the opportunity to re-jig your home and make it even more practical and liveable. Here are just a few ideas for useful and innovative ways of using your conservatory to enhance your home.

Relaxation room

If you’re adding a conservatory to your home because you need a little extra space for yourself, turning the new extension into a relaxation room could be the perfect move. As conservatories are filled with light and offer uninterrupted views to the outside, they’re the ideal setting for yoga, meditation, and quiet time. In order to turn your conservatory into an oasis of calm, keep furnishings to a minimum, place a few plants in the room, and consider installing a bubbling water feature.  


Alternatively, if it’s your children who need the space, you could turn your new conservatory into a dedicated playroom. Lay bright, colourful floor tiles, paint the walls in a bold, vibrant tone and install some shelves for storage. Your kids will love their new playroom and you can keep the rest of your home toy-free.  

Extra bedroom

Thanks to advances in insulation technology and build quality, conservatories are now perfect for use as occasional bedrooms. If you have a sofa bed in the room, you can use it as an extra sitting room or relaxation space during the day before transforming it into a stylish, calming and unique bedroom at night. Guests will love having views over the garden and direct access to your outside space, especially on a sunny day.

Hobby room

Whether you collect movie memorabilia, are building a model train set or have recently taken up a musical instrument, your new conservatory will make a fantastic home for your hobby. A dedicated creative space will give you to store your collection, work on your skills, and hopefully inspire new ideas.

Kitchen extension

If you really want to transform the look and feel of your home, using your conservatory as a kitchen extension is the perfect way to do it. Adding a conservatory to your kitchen area will give you space for a dining table, seating area, or even a kitchen island. This extra room will make your home feel a lot more spacious and can help you to achieve the interior you’ve always wanted.

If you’re thinking about adding a conservatory to your home and want to find out more about the different styles and models available, take a look around our site – or contact a member of our team.