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Decorating your windows for summer

The days are longer and the sun is shining brightly – it’s clear that summer has most definitely arrived. So why not celebrate the season by enhancing your windows with some summery décor? Here are a few creative ideas to get you started…

Curtains and blinds

We tend to think of curtains as a permanent fixture of the house, but they really don’t have to be. Why not buy a couple of different designs and rotate them throughout the year?

Since insulation is a lower priority during summer, go for lightweight, thinner fabrics. This will let more light into your home during the day. Switching curtains or blinds also allows for a seasonal colour scheme. Try incorporating some bright, summer colours such as yellow or turquoise. If your décor is on the subtle side, creams and muted greys are a great alternative. You could even opt for something in a themed pattern, like flowers or zesty fruits. If your house faces onto a road, you might also want to consider net curtains. These will provide the maximum amount of natural light without sacrificing your privacy.


Bunting is a fun and creative way to decorate your window areas. Scour the garlands in your local shops to find the perfect design for you. Nautical themes are always very popular, particularly when used in the bathroom or kitchen. Alternatively, you could create a vintage look with triangle bunting in a floral fabric. For a truly personal touch, why not get creative with DIY bunting? Get your friends or family involved and make an afternoon of it! Try searching online for some simple tutorials, then roll up your sleeves and have fun creating unique items for your home.

Window art

For a really eye-catching window, consider installing a little window art. There are many forms of window art, including summery decals, ‘clings’ and faux stained glass. For a seasonal touch, choose images of nature such as butterflies or sunflowers. If nothing in the shop catches your eye, you could even make your own with an online DIY tutorial. Suncatchers are a beautiful option and will make your windows sparkle in the summer sunshine. Choose one with glass beads or mirrors to help bounce the light around your room.

Lastly, don’t forget the outside of your home. Treat your outer sills to a fresh lick of paint in your favourite summery colour. This will freshen things up and keep your home looking cheery, right into winter.

Window plants

Summer is the perfect time of year to bring some nature indoors. Windowsill plants will enhance any interior and there are a variety of styles available to suit every taste. Gardenias are a great choice if you like pretty floral pot plants. If you fancy something a little different, try growing herbs, bean plants, or chillies. For a more distinctive look, use pre-cut flowers and swap your vases for mason jars. Another option is to install a window box on your outer wall. Choose a decorative box and flowers that will grow upwards, above the sill. That way, you can enjoy the colours from within your home as well as outside. Click here for some tips on creating the perfect window box.

(Photo by Pixabay)