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How to style your conservatory for summer

Summer is just around the corner and you are bound to be excited about making the most of your conservatory so that you can enjoy this warmest of seasons.

The appeal of a conservatory is to have a space with more of an outside feel than the rest of your home and where it is perfectly possible to enjoy a peaceful moment whilst being enveloped in nature. As the warmest and driest of the seasons, summer is the time of year when your conservatory comes to life and truly embodies its whole potential. 

During the winter months, you probably styled your conservatory in a cosy and cocoon-like way. But now it’s definitely time to change things around. Or rather, give your conservatory a spring clean, spruce up and, most definitely, a more summer minimalist look.

If you aren’t already inspired to do some rearranging, then here are a few ideas that should almost certainly do the trick:

Get clever with shade

Whilst your conservatory is the best place to lounge around and enjoy the sun on a hot day, you don’t want to let it get so hot that it becomes uncomfortable over time. Luckily, there are a couple of simple solutions to prevent this. Thin wooden blinds can work, while adding an elegant touch at the same time. So too can some light, breezy curtains.

Bring the outside in 

The whole point of a conservatory is to make you feel as if you’re sitting outdoors in the garden. By adding some leafy potted plants and climbers, you can blur that line to a whole new level. Nothing says summer quite like laying on your settee on a warm, sunny day with a light breeze blowing through the garden trees and ruffling the cascading leaves you have tumbling down from an attractive wicker plant-holder. From the Exeter passionflower climber to the tranquil blue Plumbago Auriculata, there are many plants which flourish in a conservatory environment. 

@GWmag: “Some of the best plants for conservatories are those native to hot, humid climates, which conservatories can replicate well. They provide an opportunity to grow many plants that otherwise can’t be successfully grown in the UK.”

Declutter for space

You may have filled your conservatory with fluffy and woollen throws, cushions, lanterns and candles during the winter to give it a cosier feel during cold days. But, summer is the time to declutter and make things minimal. Gazing out from the couch to the garden is so much more pleasant and tranquil when there’s nothing in the way to disturb your view. 

Add a touch of festivity

You may already have your conservatory fully kitted out with furniture. But, if you have the space and are tempted to add something extra for the warmer months, then getting a hanging chair or some wicker pouffes can really add a nice summer-like touch. Also, consider hanging some fairy lights, lanterns or homemade glass candle jars to add some extra pizzazz and add a soft touch to summer night get-togethers.