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Stunning ways to use bi-fold doors internally – who needs walls?!

Bi-fold doors are most commonly used to link the inside of the property with its garden. Often installed in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, bi-folds let more light into a space, improve usability and make the interior look a lot more stylish.

However, while bi-fold doors work exceptionally well when used to connect the interior and exterior of a property, they can also be a fantastic tool when it comes to defining the internal areas of your home. Versatile, eye-catching, and innovative, bi-fold doors can help you to create a truly stunning interior.

Freeing up space

If your existing doors eat into your floor space and make it difficult to move easily around your home, replacing them with bi-fold doors could help to make your property more usable. As @homeditcom says, “A bi-folding door can increase the width of an opening because the doors zig zag onto themselves, concertina fashion.”

If you currently have doors separating your interior areas, replacing them with bi-fold alternatives could help to ease congestion, open up your interior, and help provide a more pleasing aesthetic.

Letting in the light

As bi-fold doors open more widely than standard doors, they let in a lot more light. Even if the doors themselves aren’t glazed, when opened, they’ll help to flood your interior with natural light and make the space feel spacious and welcoming.

If the doors are glazed, they’ll let light in even when they’re closed. This can really help to brighten up your home and ensure no corners are left in the dark.

Defining your interior

A great way to use bi-fold doors in your home is as internal dividers. While open-plan living can be fantastic, sometimes you need to be able to close off spaces to create smaller, cosier areas.

This ‘broken plan’ concept is becoming more popular as people look for ways to make their homes suit their lifestyles. If you currently struggle to watch TV while other members of your household are chatting at the dining table, or if you want to be able to close off the mess in the kitchen after a meal, bi-fold doors could be the perfect solution.

As we’ve already seen, internal bi-fold doors take up minimal floor space and help to maximise the ambient light in your home. This means that your new doors won’t get in the way or detract from the light, airy feel of your property. When you want to close off an area for privacy or convenience, you can shut your doors and separate the spaces in moments.

However, if you want to open up your interior, maximise floor space and create a fantastic sociable atmosphere, simply open your doors wide and transform your home in seconds.

Versatile, stylish, and practical, bi-fold doors could make a great addition to your home. Explore our site or get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.