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Stunning ways to use bi-fold doors in your living room

Bi-fold doors can add a real wow factor to any living space. Maximising the ambient light, and creating a seamless link between interior and exterior, these innovative doors can help you to transform your home. Bi-fold doors are popular with architects and designers across the country. As @homify says, the invention of bi-fold doors “Allowed architects a newfound freedom to create spaces that were open, airy, and redefined our traditional concept of ‘rooms’ ”. Adding bi-fold doors to your living space is a great way to improve usability and make your home more flexible and more stylish. Keep reading to find out more.

Create the illusion of space

If there’s one thing that limits the amount of space available in a room, it’s walls. Walls define the square footage on offer and create a feeling of being enclosed and confined. By removing one wall altogether, and replacing it with a bi-fold door, you can bring more light into your living area, create the illusion of space and give your home a real design feature. This technique can work especially well where a living room opens out onto a courtyard or patio.

Internal divisions

While you might not think about using bi-fold doors in your interior, they can be a fantastic way of dividing up space and creating defined areas. Use bi-fold doors to separate your living area or kitchen from your dining space or to section off a play area for your children. As bi-fold doors provide a flexible option, you can open them when you want to expand the space and close them when you need your home to be more compartmentalised.

Build a deck

Build a deck off of your living area and use bi-fold doors to connect it to your interior. As decks are generally raised slightly above the garden, they create a unique, indoor/outdoor space of their own. Linking your deck to your living area using bi-fold doors will allow you to make the most of this space, especially in the summertime. If you don’t have room for a deck, install a patio or small seating area to allow for easy alfresco entertaining.

Double up

If your living space is located in the corner of your property, you could double up on your bi-fold doors and create something really special. Install two sets of bi-fold doors, one on each exterior wall. In the warmer months, you can throw open both sets of doors and transform your living room into the ultimate summer space. Place your dining table in the corner of your room to make the most of the inside/outside space or place your sofas facing the doors and give yourself a fantastic view to enjoy.

Learn more about the benefits of bi-fold doors, and find the design that’s perfect for your home, by exploring our site or talking to a member of our team.