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Are stable doors right for my home?

We recently offered our top tips for choosing the perfect door for your home. However, many of us only focus on the front door design and neglect to replace the back door. The problem is that back doors are often considered ‘uninspiring’ or ‘boring’. Although back door design options won’t add to your property’s kerb appeal, you can still make a great impression on visitors and enjoy the perks of a well-designed, high quality back door. BUILD explored just some of the qualities a good back door needs in a recent blog post:

“If you have a nice, scenic back yard, the back door will ideally provide a panoramic outlook to your yard, decking or patio, giving you unobstructed views when open or closed. This will help both to give your living areas a greater sense of space, and to introduce natural light into your home. Likewise, regardless of what type of door you choose, it should also have good weather protection and thermal insulation and should offer the same amount of security as your front door does (i.e. solid construction, deadbolt if appropriate).”

Patio, bi-folding and multi-folding doors aren’t the only options for your new back door. As with the front door designs available, there is a plethora of back door options from which to choose. Cottage or stable doors are just one stylish design that can be explored by those looking to upgrade. The installation of stable doors can unlock a number of advantages, particularly for owners of traditional properties. Read on to discover whether a stable door is the right choice for you and your property.

You have a busy family home

The demands of any family home, whatever its style or size, are high. Which means its fixtures and fittings need to be diverse, safe and secure. Stable doors deliver excellent flexibility, especially in family homes, with the independent operation of both door parts only adding to the design’s versatility. A stable door gives you the freedom to keep the bottom half closed to keep children and pets safely inside the house, whilst the open top half provides the ventilation and light you need – perfect for those hot, stuffy summer days.

You need strength and security

Door and window security is a top priority for homes up and down the country. Stable doors are often viewed as a less secure option but thanks to our cottage door designs you can have the best of both worlds. Flexibility shouldn’t come at the cost of security. The solid construction of our stable doors means the best security for the people and possessions within as well as the highest level of protection against the elements.

The security of our stable doors is enhanced further by the use of dedicated hardware, which has been carefully designed and rigorously tested. Our stable doors use specially developed rack bolts to lock both halves of the door in place. The multi-point locking, thumb-turn system is also secure and easy to operate.

You want to complement your classic property

Stable doors are the perfect addition to period properties, but they’re no longer restricted to use on rural retreats. Classically designed and more traditional properties from all eras can be complemented with the stable door design. You can also team our stable doors with a vast selection of heritage colours to make your property even more charming.