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Springtime makeover – making the most out of your conservatory

Now, with the final few weeks of winter to get through and the new season being just around the corner, this is a great time to do some spring cleaning in your conservatory. One of the best advantages of having a conservatory is that the garden can be enjoyed all year around, and yet you can still be indoors and keep warm.  Spring can be chilly, so make an indoor garden area to enjoy with plants, potted trees, fruits and pretty accessories.

Get your conservatory spruced

Begin by moving everything out of the conservatory.  Take advantage of the dull winter daylight and clean the glass inside and out. Then wash the windowsill, shelves and the floor. When everything is dry, bring the furniture back in and arrange the plants. Prune and tidy up large climbing plants, during winter months, poor light, high humidity and low temperatures make it essential to handle plants with care. Flowering early spring annuals can be added to brighten up the area such as Hibiscus, Bougainvillea Yucca plants and Venus Flytrap. These will bring a touch of spring colour and a lighter feel to your conservatory.  Any existing plants; prune away yellowing and dead leaves and wipe the pots. Potted fruit trees grown in your conservatory are a great addition.

Glorious fruit and vegetables

StrawberriesThe oranges, lemons and limes can take up to a year to grow, but are definitely worth the wait. In spring, the trees produces fragrant beautiful blossoms. They are hardy plants that can withstand temperatures as low as -10; they are best grown outdoors from May till October. These fruit trees are a great feature plants for conservatories and patio areas.

Strawberry plants are another great fruit to grow indoors at this time of year. When choosing a strawberry variety, there are only really two major types, these are June bearing (produce fruit in June) and ever bearing (produce fruit twice a year) Alpine strawberries are ideal for growing indoors. Plants should be checked daily to ascertain the need for water, this is usually daily until the growing season, and after this the plants only require watering when the surface soil is dry. Keep in mind that strawberries like water, just not too much. Tomato plants can be grown indoors easily. The fruit from indoor plants tend to be smaller than if grown outside. Choose appropriate varieties when growing indoor tomatoes, Red Robin, Tiny Tim, Toy Boy and Florida Petite are ideal.  

Plants will need to be in a temperature of 18°c or more indoors and should have at least eight hours of light a day to produce any fruit. Plants should also be kept away from drafts and cold spots. The absence of pollinating insects can be a problem when growing indoors, so hand pollinating is essential. Just tap the stems lightly when the flowers are blooming to spread pollen.  

Think accessories

Now that spring is almost upon us, why not brighten up your conservatory furniture with some light, bright cushions and throws, rugs and curtains.  Fresh accessories can make drastic changes. Floral prints and pastel colours make an inviting area to relax in.