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Many of us have a glass sliding door in our home but have you stopped to consider security to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep the things and people you love secure? 


With burglaries on the rise, it’s important that we think about making our homes more secure. There’s plenty you can do so let’s take a look at how you can be proactive and make changes to your property. 


Fit security films 


The fact that sliding doors tend to be made with glass panes makes them a vulnerable part of your home. Untreated glass is easily smashed, and an intruder could gain entry in no time at all. 


A solution here is to consider fitting a security film. This will instantly strengthen the glass and make it much harder to gain access. A security film is practically invisible, so you don’t have to worry about it being unsightly. 


Use slide locking devices


Angie’s List says, ‘The slide-locking bar sounds complicated, but actually it’s just a thick wood dowel or metal bar, cut to fit in the bottom track of your door. When locking up your home for the night or going out, simply fit the dowel or metal bar into the track’


This is great advice, and it’s something that you should definitely think about if you want to improve security. It’s easy to do, and can make a big difference.  


Ensure doors are upgraded when necessary 


From time to time, it’s essential that you consider whether you need to upgrade your sliding doors. If your locks are no longer working, for example, then an upgrade will be a very worthwhile investment. 


Having the work carried out by a professional will put your mind at ease, and could save you a lot of money in the long run. It can also improve the appearance of your home from the outside – so start by getting some quotes from reputable tradesmen or us here are Unicorn Windows. 


Be more proactive when it comes to security 


Get into the habit of checking the locks whenever you leave your property, it takes a matter of minutes but can save you money and heartache if someone were to enter your property uninvited. Make sure that the family is onboard, and talk to your children about security so that they know it’s important that they play their part.


When it comes to improving home security, sliding doors should definitely be considered. By acting on the tips we’ve discussed here, you could potentially prevent a burglary from taking place. 


Be sure to take a read through our blog for more hints and advice on improving your home and maximising security. We’ve got you covered with all the expert guidance you need!