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Security features: what should you be looking for?

When it comes to choosing a door for your home, there are multiple factors to be taken into account. Do the materials you want for the door fall within the budget? What kind of impression will the door make on house guests? How does the door complement the design of the property? While a great looking door is certainly high on most people’s lists when making a purchase, the role of the door as a security barrier between the home and the outside world is also paramount. For example, depending on your requirements, you may deem that security is more important than aesthetics; in that case, you may prefer a metal door with a robust frame to deter break-ins. When choosing a door for security purposes, here are some of the factors you may wish to think about.

Internal glazing

At Unicorn Windows, all of our doors and windows are internally glazed as this provides excellent protection against break-ins. The key advantage of glazing as a security measure is that glazed windows take longer to break, and since criminals are unlikely to want to be be seen tampering with one of your home’s entrance points, this can serve as a strong deterrent. In addition to this, breaking through toughened glass often requires the entire pane to be smashed, which can leave dangerous shards that the criminal will have to remove before gaining entry to the property – extending the amount of time for authorities to intervene.

Shattered glass can also be used as forensic evidence which can result in a prosecution if the criminal is subsequently arrested with any glass particles which can be linked to the scene of the crime. Glove prints and other identifying marks are also more likely to be obtained when a criminal has to smash through a pane of glass to gain entry, serving as another deterrent.

Multi-point locking systems

For security measures, a multi-point locking system serves as an excellent security feature for doors. A multi-point locking system consists of a deadbolt, latch, several hook bolts and sometimes a pair of compression bolts. The system bolts the door into the frame and makes life very difficult for intruders looking to gain access to your property, since with the turn of the key all the different points (usually three) will be simultaneously locked. This kind of locking system is most common on patio doors rather than front doors. However, forgetting to engage the locking system renders it useless and there have been reports of elderly people being burgled because of this.

Choosing the right option for you

At Unicorn Windows, we offer a range of bi-folding doors with top of the range security features. All doors feature a locking cylinder and windows are internally glazed, but whether you decide to have a door which has a multi-point locking system or another alternative, we will help to guide you towards a decision which perfectly fits your requirements. To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

(Image provided by client)