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Sash windows: How to reduce heat loss

Sash windows have long been a sought-after window design for properties of all sizes. Generally associated with more traditional properties, sash windows are showing up on newer buildings with PVC-U sash units chosen over classic casement designs. Whatever property you call your home, the beauty and grandeur of sash windows can provide the aesthetically pleasing look we all want to achieve. Older sash windows, however, do come with their challenges.

Over time the closing and opening mechanisms of the sash design can become worn and warped, making them difficult to operate. The wider design has also been linked to major heat loss without the right cleaning, maintenance and repair.

According to recent research, single glazed sash windows lose 16 times more heat per unit than other window designs, which will leave you and your family not just out of pocket with energy costs but feeling far from comfortable during the winter months. As a sash window owner you shouldn’t have to accept heat loss as the norm. There are many ways you can reduce sash window heat loss. Read on to discover just a few of them.

Invest in draught-proofing

Keeping draughts at bay is a vital part of the heat loss puzzle. Whilst options are limited when draught proofing designs with slenderer frames, draught proofing with sash friendly products will see you unlock a number of benefits. Reduced heat loss, better noise insulation, and an improved look and feel are just some of the advantages that can be achieved through the cheap and effective draught-proofing methods currently available.

Sealing your sash windows will also prevent dust, debris and other contaminants from entering your property from the outside, although care must be taken to achieve adequate ventilation and keep condensation at bay.

Improve your window coverings

Another temporary solution is to rethink your window coverings. High quality shutters and curtains provide excellent, energy efficient options as Historic Environment Scotland describes:

“Use shutters if you have them – this is one of the best ways to reduce heat loss at night. Single glazing lets in more heat from the sun and shutters help to trap warmth inside overnight. Timber shutters reduce heat loss by 51%. Consider having ill-fitting shutters restored. If the original shutters have been removed, it’s possible to have new shutters made. Heavy, lined curtains are a good alternative. These can reduce heat loss by 14%.”

Reduce heat loss for good

There may be a number of temporary solutions available to reduce sash window heat loss, but investing in a permanent solution will save you time and money in the long run. We supply and fit the highest quality PVC-U sash windows, and they’re excellent, sympathetic replacements for wooden sash windows and other single glazed designs.

If you live in a conservation area or other planning constraints prevent you from replacing your sash windows, adding secondary glazing will ensure your original sash designs can be preserved and heat saving benefits embraced.

Discover the sash window heat loss remedy for you by getting in touch with our dedicated glazing experts today.