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Sash windows offer a beautiful architectural feature with plenty of period charm and character, making them a popular choice for older homes. Many properties throughout the UK maintain their single glazed, timber sash units, but could upgrading to PVC-U sash windows be a step in the right direction for your home?

As a leading supplier of box sash vertical sliding windows, we know all too well the benefits of installing new sash windows.

A more energy efficient option

There are countless articles across the web detailing how to reduce heat loss in the home. Heat is lost through the roof, walls, floors, doors, and windows.  This makes upgrading from single to double glazing a worthwhile consideration that could save energy and money. In addition to providing a more energy efficient and cost effective option, replacing your timber sash windows with PVC-U models could have a positive effect on your living conditions. This is detailed an article by TheGreenAge:

“The first thing to say is that replacing single glazing with double glazing will immediately increase the comfort of your home. Rooms will warm up quicker when you turn the heating on and the cold draughts that used to come around the edges of the old windows should be a thing of the past.”

They’re easy to open and close

The opening and closing mechanism of traditional timber framed sash windows can be a tricky one to negotiate. This is particularly true if components haven’t been well maintained or have become warped over time. Modern PVC-U sash windows use a modern, counterbalanced system to ensure easy opening and closing. The sliding mechanism of our modern sash windows also makes climate control more efficient, which is ideal in the hot summer months.

Enhanced security for your home

Modern sash windows may make opening and closing easier, but window security isn’t not compromised as a result. We use high quality locking systems to ensure sash windows remain safe and secure throughout their lifespan.

Simple and straightforward to maintain

Whilst a timber framed sash window maintenance plan means undertaking yearly inspections (with professional inspections every four years), remedial work and repainting, looking after your PVC-U sash windows is easy. Maintaining your PVC-U sash windows requires gentle frame, glass and sliding track cleaning along with twice yearly lubrication of moving parts to keep them in great working order.

A truly beautiful glazing option

You can’t deny the beauty and elegance of a sash window. With our PVC-U box sash range you don’t have to trade quality for an authentic look and feel.

While they are ideal for more traditional homes, modern properties can also be complemented with the sash look. The design’s clean lines deliver a timeless and charming finish that simply can’t be beaten.

Unsure about which window type to upgrade to? Our dedicated team can assist with all the support and guidance you need. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.