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Replacing old windows? Your guide to the scheduling of works

Window replacement is a step many homeowners take, something proven by the thousands of satisfied customers that we’ve served over the past 23 years. There are many advantages to swapping your old, drafty windows with shiny new ones.

Replacing your old windows gives you the chance to improve your home’s energy efficiency, boost light within your property, reduce noise, enjoy superior window security, and enhance privacy.

Window replacement also offers an affordable and speedy route to bettering the appearance of your home as explained in this excerpt from Home Stories A to Z’s article on window and door replacement benefits:

“Compared to the price of many home renovation options, updating your windows and doors is an affordable way to transform both the exterior and interior of your home in one fell swoop. The myriad of choices available for customizing the appearance of your windows and doors is inspiring. All of the different finishes, grilles, hardware, trim, and glass options give you the tools necessary to create the home of your dreams. And as an added bonus, window and door replacement boosts your home’s resale value! Home improvement research shows that efficient windows and doors consistently rank at the top of the list for having the highest long-term ROI for homeowners.”

Whatever the reason for your window replacement, the process of replacing your old windows with new PVC-U or aluminium products may seem a daunting exercise. In this post, we take you through the when and how of window replacement, so you can go into the process with your eyes wide open.

It all starts with a consultation

At Unicorn Windows, we pride ourselves on getting to grips with our client’s wants and needs. This way, they can enjoy the well-known benefits and the hidden perks of window replacement, as well as a seamless installation. We have experience working with developers and residents alike, and start every window replacement with a detailed consultation. It’s the best way of understanding our clients’ unique requirements.

The consultation phase doesn’t end there. Our team work closely with architects and specifiers to ensure the highest standard of service every step of the way, from initial consultation and site survey, to installation and aftercare.

Full project management and planning

Using the information gathered during the consultation phase, and throughout the entirety of the project, we are able to fully manage and plan a window replacement that suits your needs, timescale and budget. Our full project planning management service includes pre-contract meetings, progress reporting, resident liaison meetings, surveying, scheduling of works and key performance indicator measures.

Communication is the key to what we do here at Unicorn Windows, and throughout the work schedule we liaise with clients, residents, contractors and other supply chain members to ensure window replacement can be achieved with everyone’s best interests at heart.

We don’t clock off after installation is complete

Unlike many installers of PVC-U and aluminium windows, we don’t end contact with our clients once installation has been completed. Our aftercare and support service is a highly valued part of our company, and the reason why we have thousands of happy customers to date. Our team complete post-inspection checks after installation, delivering key support to not just the clients who have enlisted us but all those affected by works, such as other residents.

Want to find out more about what we do at Unicorn Windows? Visit our About page or contact our team direct for information.