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Is it time to replace your conservatory?

Nothing lasts forever, not even our conservatories. Indeed, maybe you got yours installed decades ago and thereof and windows have started to reveal the first signs of decay? Or maybe you’ve bought a new house and have realised that the conservatory is a shadow of its former self.

Rather than wasting time and money by upgrading your conservatory, which might only give you a few more years, there might have come a time when it’s more beneficial both financially and aesthetically to replace your conservatory.

We’re not talking about stripping everything back completely, of course. The foundations can remain.

But if your conservatory was built the other side of the 21st century then it might not be fit for purpose anymore. Here are the signs you should be looking for if you’re not sure:

It’s too hot and/or too cold

Temperature extremes were common in early conservatory designs because the windows didn’t have the special gloss coatings that they do today.

This coating reflects the sunlight to keep the rooms cool in the summer and can absorb heat to keep things warmer in the winter months too.

These coatings simply didn’t exist until recently, so if you’re finding the temperature in your conservatory uncomfortable to live in at certain times of the year, this could be a reason and a reason to consider a replacement.

Your energy bills have skyrocketed

You could be losing a lot of energy through your outdated conservatory. If you feel draughts coming through the windows in your conservatory even when they’re closed then there could be a crack in the roof or a problem with your sealant fittings.

Either way, this is a sign of old age that can’t be ignored for long and will lead to increased energy bills due to lost energy.

It looks dated

Sometimes, looks really are everything. Remember when everyone thought that coloured bathroom suites were the ‘in thing’?

Fast forward a few decades and they are seen as garish and undesirable, to say the least. The fact is that trends change and tastes move on. There isn’t only the aesthetically dated colours and designs to worry about either.

View your conservatory from the garden and you could notice build-ups of algae and scum, which is a common sign that your conservatory roof needs replacing. And if the roof is replaced, you might as well go a little further.

Recurring leaks

Water damage will build gradually over time and eventually it will lead to a dismal damp smell that’s almost impossible to get rid of once it has taken hold.

You can combat roof leaks and cracks by sourcing the leak and using short term preventative measures.

But to ensure the leak doesn’t spread and damage the rest of your home, it might be time for a conservatory replacement.


This is perhaps one of the most obvious flaws with older conservatories and it happens when there is a problem with the sealant between the glass or uPVC. This often leads to mould and damp, which can only really be sorted out by replacing your conservatory roof.

Finally, the most damning telltale sign is simply that you’re not spending as much time in your conservatory as you used to.

If the room is going to waste then it’s probably due to a combination of the reasons above and that means it’s time for a change.

It’s time to start asking yourself why you wanted a conservatory in the first place and what your conservatory can be again.