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Commonly Asked Questions – Double Glazing

Double glazing is prominent across the UK – and no wonder! Double glazed windows afford many benefits, from reducing your energy bills to cutting out noise pollution, but there’s more to them than that.

Does double glazing really reduce noise?

No matter where we go these days, the roar of the traffic is incessant. At one time, we could expect traffic to reduce after the evening rush hour. But not anymore.

The same is true for plane noise too. If you live close to any of the UK’s major airports, you’ll know the scourge of night-time flights. Even if you live by a smaller airport, you won’t be immune to the roar of planes.

Noise causes us problems. It can make us anxious and make living in our homes less comfortable. Aside from moving to the middle of nowhere, a more achievable solution is to install double glazing.

With the vacuum between one pane of glass and the other preventing sound waves travelling, you’ll notice far less noise penetration in your home.

Can double glazing be painted?

Double glazing is prominent across the UK, but there is one bugbear – white uPVC frames and doors.
We assume that because the frames are plastic that they cannot be painted.

But as a self-styled designer and DIY guru @makingspacesnet points out, UPVC double glazing frames and doors can be painted and with stunning success too, giving your home a whole new look.

You’ll need to do your research on paint and which is the best brand to use, as well as preparing the frames and doors before you start painting them.

They need to clean, for example, and you’ll need to make sure the windowpane and door fittings etc. are protected from paint splashes.

How much does double glazing cost?

The rule of thumb is, the simpler the window, the cheaper it should be. So, a straightforward double glazed window with one opening pane and window lock of a standard size will be a lot less than a window that is large or when you opt for a certain style or opening, such as a sash window.

Whilst everyone has a keen eye on their budget, it’s worth noting that when it comes to double glazed windows and doors, cheap doesn’t always mean better.

You want a window that cuts out noise and keeps your home toasty warm, and any double glazed doors to do the same.

But you also want them to be secure and last a long time. For a standard window with high-quality double glazing, expect to pay £150 upwards. Of course, there are special offers and incentives available from companies, so always check before choosing a deal.

What should I look for in double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows come with an energy efficiency rating and a U value. The lower the U value, the better it is at keeping heat in the home.

Most high-quality double glazed windows have a U rating of 1.6 which makes them very good at retaining warmth in the home.
Our tip is simple – buy the best double glazed windows you can afford.