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PVC-U and aluminium windows – what’s the difference?

Making the decision to have new windows installed is a big one for any homeowner. Your windows are more than just an attractive feature – they keep your property safe, secure, weather-protected and heat efficient. Whilst initial talks may focus on style, colour and design,  the material of your window is an extremely important consideration and one that could affect the benefits you harness from window replacement.

The sheer number of window materials available however makes this decision a difficult one. Homify explains in their post on picking windows for your home:

“You’ll be shocked at how many different materials there are for constructing windows, from wood and aluminium through to uPVC and composites, but you need to choose the right one for you. Take the age of your house and your budget into account when selecting.”

Whilst many period properties may be more suited to traditional, timber-framed vintage windows, owners of old and new properties alike will be weighing up the pros and cons that go hand-in-hand with PVC-U and aluminium window products. Here at Unicorn Windows, we will attempt to make the choice between PVC-U and aluminium even easier with a definitive guide to the main differences. Read on to find out more about the windows on offer.

PVC-U is more cost effective than aluminium

Whatever the size of your budget, money matters and ensuring that your window choice is a great investment is important. Aluminium windows cost much more to manufacture than PVC-U, a fact that makes it a more expensive window material to work with.

The popularity of PVC-U has kept prices for this material down, with PVC-U produced on a much greater scale than the aluminium alternative. However, aluminium windows have also become more popular in recent years, which means prices are slowly falling for this premium window material too.

Both PVC-U and aluminium have long life spans

For those looking to invest in a window material that will keep in great condition over many years, choosing PVC-U or aluminium won’t leave you disappointed. Both window materials enjoy long life spans, but which is the most durable?

PVC-U is extremely resilient and low maintenance, but this material does degrade over time. Aluminium on the other hand needs more care but lasts longer. With life spans of 20 to 30 years PVC-U is still an excellent long term choice, whilst our aluminium window range provides robust options that last even longer.

Aluminium provides a sleeker, more stylish finish

For many, PVC-U is a “marmite choice”. Love it or hate it, it is still the bestselling window material in the UK. In comparison, aluminium provides a much cleaner profile when compared to the thickness of PVC-U frames. The thinner frames of aluminium products let more light into homes, too. Thanks to their sleeker appearance, aluminium windows are a favourite amongst architects, their slimmer profile offering more flexibility design-wise.

Aluminium and PVC-U provide never-ending colour options

With PVC-U products, your imagination can literally run wild, with countless colours, styles and finishes to choose from. Whether you want to complement your period property with a more traditional, antique oak woodgrain or add a pop of colour to the exterior of your contemporary home, our PVC-U windows provide a diverse range that can be personalised to your exact specifications. For those looking to embrace the many benefits of aluminium windows, these frames provide great flexibility. They can be sprayed any colour and curved to fit even uniquely shaped window openings.

We stock both PVC-U and aluminium windows at Unicorn Windows so whatever window material you opt for, you will benefit from high quality installation and aftercare.