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Preparing your windows for winter

We recently shared our top tips for securing your property before a holiday. With winter on its way, it’s safe to say there’ll soon be bigger home maintenance requirements to fulfil. The harsh winter months don’t just bring plummeting temperatures and adverse weather conditions. The period presents a host of maintenance challenges for the average property owner.

Your windows need just as much tender loving care as any part of your home, that’s why we’re here with our top tips for preparing your windows for winter. Read on, to discover more.

Find the best way to insulate

No one wants to have draughty windows, and with winter approaching the prospect of a cold and uncomfortable season is a reality for many without the right insulation for their homes. With a variety of ways to insulate windows for winter, finding the measures that suit you, your home, and your budget isn’t always easy.

Weather sealing products and the fitting of thick curtains provide excellent, budget friendly options, but remember these measures are only temporary.

Invest in a long term solution

Requesting a window upgrade from professionals like ourselves will ensure you and your family are comfortable and warm this winter, and for many winters to come. Energy efficient windows are great investments for properties of all types and from all eras. The Energy Saving Trust reveals just some of the plus points of having energy efficient windows installed at your home:

“More comfortable home: energy efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots. Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient windows insulate your home against external noise. Reduced condensation: energy efficient glazing reduces condensation build up on the inside of windows.”

The installation of energy efficient windows, just in time for winter, will ensure your property is a comfortable and warm place to be. Your bank balance will receive a much needed boost with the money saved on energy bills certain to come in handy at Christmas.

Complete essential maintenance tasks

We all have a long list of home maintenance tasks that we’re guilty of putting off, but as winter approaches tackling the ones related to your windows is important. Whilst double glazed units require minimal upkeep, providing a good level of window maintenance, such as cleaning and parts lubrication, will ensure your windows continue to deliver the many benefits they promise.

Easy opening and closing, enhanced security, greater energy efficiency, and a more aesthetically pleasing finish all go hand-in-hand with well-maintained windows.

Don’t forget the rest of your home!

Preparing your entire home for the winter months and the challenges they bring is important, and will see you realise a number of benefits. From having your boiler serviced, renewing door seals and preventing internal draughts to checking insulation and safeguarding water tanks and pipes, there are a number of to-dos that are sure to keep you occupied as winter approaches.