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Top Paint trends for your home exterior

According to those in the know, refreshing the exterior of your home by giving it a coat or two of new paint can increase its value by as much as five per cent.

That’s quite a claim but it’s certainly worth considering if you’re about to put your own home up for sale. It makes sense really when you consider that everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint – especially when it covers up marks, stains and bits of chipped wood.

Seeing as you will be painting the entire exterior of your home, you might fancy altering the colour. If that’s the case then look at what shades are trending at the moment. Then again, if you’re the type who doesn’t have their finger on the pulse in terms of architectural design, you may just want to read on. That’s because in this article we’ll give you the hottest architectural colour trends for 2022.

@BHG: “Traditional bright whites are being traded for more confident, statement-making palettes on siding, trim, and front doors. Think vibrant blues and greens, creamy neutrals, cheerful pastels, and even monochromatic schemes of charcoal and black.”

Go for grey-green shades 

The rather neutral grey-green shade isn’t just subtle, it also reflects the modern love of gardening. Millennials and Generation Z love getting their hands dirty outdoors in the soil. They also want plenty of greenery indoors in terms of potted plants and succulents. Then there is the whole ‘bring the outdoors in’ trend for modern rear extensions with glass walls.

Mix charcoal with soft pastels

We don’t mean literally mix the two paint shades. Rather, paint the exterior walls with the darker charcoal or dark grey shade and then lighten up the look. Do this by using soft pastels for the window frames and doors. Mint green and charcoal are stunning together, so too are light charcoal and pastel pink. It’s your house so you get to choose…

Make it marine style with navy blue

A great colour for a coastal house, navy blue is a vibrant yet noble colour which is a bit of a classic, really. Weirdly enough, the shade suits both period and contemporary properties. It looks fabulous when contrasted with natural wood – whether varnished or left bare.

Black is back

Yes, black can certainly be a striking colour to paint your home. It’s the right shade for an industrial design feel and looks lovely contrasted with the likes of copper or brass for door furniture and other accessories such as large planters filled with plenty of greenery.

Add a pop of colour to doors and windows

You really don’t have to go the whole hog and paint the entire outside of the house if you can’t be bothered. What you could do though, is freshen up and add a little dynamism to the windows and doors by giving them a pop of colour. What looks better than a pillar box red door, for instance? Or even an on-trend grey-ish green or dark blue?