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5 Plants for a Stunning Orangery this Summer

An orangery or garden extension is an excellent place in which to grow plants, thanks to all that light and sunshine through the summer months.

Their green leaves and colourful blooms add freshness and a touch of nature to your home. Having indoor plants is also healthier for humans since they clean up the air by removing indoor pollutants such as organic solvents and cigarette smoke.

@ecoage: “Research has indicated that certain house plants act as a natural filter to indoor pollution. NASA-conducted research into the power of plants indoors found that there are over 50 houseplant types that remove pollutants and gases.”

Biophilia is a term used to describe a love of and desire to be close to nature. Certainly, being around growing plants and trees has been shown to have a calming effect. So, what are the plants you should be considering having in your orangery this summer? Here are some of the big hitters:


You’ll no doubt have heard of Camomile tea; this herb is known for its calming effects when ingested as such. But did you know it’s also an excellent insect repellent?


A pretty coffee table-sized ornament, terrariums are glass cases for succulents and other plants. They tend to have a base of sand and soil and have pebbles, moss, seashells or other natural items to add interest.

Swiss cheese plant

It’s been around for decades now and doesn’t look as if it’s going anywhere soon; the Swiss cheese plant is pretty much iconic of the seventies and looks great with those holes in its large green glossy leaves. A good plant to have if you have cats or dogs as it proves non-toxic to them.

Spider Plant

Another seventies throwback, the spider plant, is unusual with its long tumbling fronds and looks great in a hanging basket. It’s an easy plant to grow – provided you don’t overwater it. It’s also very effective in removing chemicals from cleaning products and even furniture.

Aloe Vera

An eye-catching plant, thanks to the pointed shape of its large leaves, the aloe vera plant is also, of course, used in herbal medicine and even traditional medicine these days. The anti-bacterial gel in its leaves can help with certain skin conditions, as well as sunburn.

Kumquat tree

This sounds rather exotic, but it’s not as unusual as you’d first think. The kumquat and its ilk were the reason orangeries were invented in the first place, i.e. to grow citrus fruits even during the winter in the UK. If you don’t like kumquat then an orange or lemon tree will do equally as well.


Basil plants love the sunlight, so they are perfect for an orangery or kitchen extension. They don’t need to be watered regularly either – in fact, it’s best not to give them too much moisture.


So easy to look after, succulents only need a little watering now and again (their leaves store water). Like Basil, these plants, too, love the sunshine. Group them together in a large pot or display them in their own individual pots along a windowsill.