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How much energy do old windows lose?

The chilly temperatures of winter throw up the difficult challenges for homeowners, particularly those with properties installed with single glazed windows. The average home loses around 10% of heat through its windows. As PVC-U systems improve, upgrading is more economical, accessible and beneficial than ever.

Here we delve deeper into the energy loss problems affecting single glazed and poorly double glazed homes, and reveal the solutions that will help you save energy and money, particularly during the cooler seasons.

How do windows lose heat?

Windows lose heat in a variety of ways. It is the glass of the window, not the frame, that’s generally to blame for the bulk of energy loss. Roughly two thirds of energy is lost through the glazing itself, whilst the remaining heat escapes through the window frame, glazing spacer bars and glazing cavity.

For single glazed, older and poorly installed windows, heat loss is also attributed to air leaks. Old PVC-U units were designed with a small air gap to help with ventilation, a design feature that has become a design flaw over time.

How can a window upgrade help?

If your home has single glazed windows or double glazed windows that are older or badly installed, a window upgrade may be the best choice. Nowadays the window replacement process is simple and straightforward, and not the home upheaval that it used to be.

As well as unlocking numerous energy saving benefits, replacing your old windows with new PVC-U or aluminium windows unlocks a number of other perks. These include easy maintenance, sound insulation and improved security. Upgrading your windows can also make your home more attractive to prospective buyers as explained here in this blog post by America’s favourite handyman Bob Vila:

“Hesitant over the high price? Don’t forget that you’re not the only one painfully aware of the costs involved—house hunters are too. In fact, it’s common for prospective buyers to walk away from homes whose windows would require replacement sooner rather than later. It’s unlikely that you’d make immediate plans to move after replacing your windows, but when it’s time to sell, ‘the preference for up-to-date windows can work to your advantage,’ Eldredge remarks, and could result in a faster or more lucrative sale.”

How much could I save with an upgrade?

According to the latest findings from Energy Saving Trust, in England, Scotland and Wales, installing A+ rated windows can save between £55 and £110 on your energy bills. Even C rated windows have the potential to save up to £105 annually in detached, gas heated homes, when compared with similar single glazed properties.

Opting for a window upgrade doesn’t just mean monetary savings. Installing energy efficient windows in your property will directly influence comfort levels within your home, thanks to fewer draughts and cold spots.

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