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Live next to a busy road? Insulating your property against noise

With UK roads busier than ever – government statistics report that the amount of motor vehicle traffic on British roads has increased by 2.2% to hit an all-time high – living right next to a busy road is a reality for many of us. Rural roads are also getting busier according to the Department for Transport (DfT), which means there’s no escape from traffic noise in the city or the countryside.

Whether you own or rent, have a palatial home or a compact pad, your home should be a haven of peace and tranquillity, the perfect place to escape to and unwind after a long day at work. Disruption from road traffic outside is far from the white noise you want to hear in order to relax. There are many steps you can take to insulate your property against noise from outside.

Seal all sound leaks

Your windows and doors provide primary entry points for sound from the outside to make its way in. Closing off sound leaks in your windows and doors is an excellent place to begin and a job that’s relatively cheap to undertake. Gaps and holes in walls can also make way for unwanted sound, with even the slightest gap enough to make the quietest conversation travel the distance. There are various fillers and sound excluding products you can invest in, many of which offer quick fixes for problematic sound leaks.

Upgrade your windows

Poor quality windows aren’t just draughty. They let in sounds that should otherwise remain outside. Upping the standard of your glazing is simple with replacement windows more efficient and cost effective than ever. As a leading supplier of PVC-U windows, we make it easier for you to buy high quality windows for your home or business. We stock a range of styles; designs and frame materials to suit your unique requirements and budget, with most providing a better value; higher quality and more durable alternative to timber; aluminium and composite options.

Invest in your window treatments

Thick curtains can work wonders for dampening sound. In fact, the thicker and heavier your curtains are, the more effective they will be. There’s even specialist, noise absorbing curtains available to buy that don’t cost the earth.

Don’t forget the outside!

If your property benefits from garden space, you shouldn’t have to suffer the effects of high traffic noise here too. Reduce noise from nearby roads in your back garden by creating a sound barrier between you and the outside world. There’s no need to spend a fortune investing in a state-of-the-art; sound deflecting fence either as landscape designer Marcus Barnett explained in this blog post from Country Life:

“We’ve done everything from water features in London gardens – the ear prefers the sound of water and chooses to listen to that over other noises — to larger projects involving bunds and thick copses of native deciduous and evergreen trees. The latter provide a visual and a sound-reducing barrier—but it’s not going to totally remove the disturbance.”

Want to boost the privacy of your property too? It all begins with your windows and doors. Read our guide for further information.