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How to let more natural light into your home

Artificial light in the home certainly serves its purpose. It allows us to enjoy a book before bed and to see what we’re doing in the kitchen in the evening during the winter. It’s also always there when we need it.

Natural light, on the other hand, is not quite as easy to control but if you can harness it in the right way it can turn any house into a beautiful home.

Unfortunately, not all homes were built to accommodate natural light. This could be for a variety of reasons but generally speaking but that’s unimportant.

What is important, however, is the knowledge that you don’t have to rotate your entire home to make the most of what little natural light you have. There are a few subtle designer tips you can draw from instead.

Keep it simple

Bold colours can be fun but they can also sap a lot of the light out of a room. If you’re looking to accentuate the natural light in your home, keep your colours light. Start from the top, painting the eaves of your roof white so that more natural light is angled into your home.

Next, go for the interior makeover, moving from room to room and making a note of the rooms that need more light. These are the rooms that might need a fresh coat of more subtle paint.

Mirror image

Smart positioning of mirrors is perhaps the most affordable and least disruptive way you can experiment with bringing more natural light into your home.

Start by moving them around and making note of where the light hits them at certain times of the day and work from there.

If you can’t bring yourself to start putting mirrors everywhere, meanwhile, consider glossier paint, which will give them a bold mirror-like effect.

Be reflective

Installing mirrors all over your house might seem a little vain and creepy but glass tiles are the next best thing and offer all the light reflection with less of the actual reflection.

If you position them right, a glass tile will reflect 100% of the light that hits it and that can really help fill a bathroom or kitchen with the good stuff.

Be conservative

A conservatory is more than a talking point at a dinner party and it’s more than just an investment in your home – it’s a true game-changer.

Not only will a brand new conservatory provide the perfect spot for you to bask in the summer sun and bring more natural light into the rest of your home but it’s a whole new room that can be just about anything you want it to be.

Need a hobby room for your crafts? Look no further. Or maybe a playroom for the kids? Either way, it’s an investment worth making. As long as you don’t mind sacrificing a little of your garden for it!


Essentially cutting a hole in your ceiling might seem a little drastic but if you’re not getting enough natural light through your windows then it might be the most practical choice.

Particularly in a large open plan kitchen/dining room space, a skylight can completely open up the room by bringing in more consistent light that’s not shadowed by other outdoor objects.

Size does matter

Sometimes, it can be as simple as realising your windows and glazed doors are simply not big enough. If your home feels like a cave, it might be because your windows are just too small.

If you have a dark room with two windows broken up by a wall, imagine what it would be like if that wall was removed and those two windows became one decadent flush sash window that stretched elegantly across the room? It’s a big job, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it!