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The modern day door security features you need to know about

When people decide to upgrade their doors, they often focus on choosing styles or materials. However, security must also be a consideration. Modern doors are required to provide a level of security not needed in the past. At Unicorn Windows, we specialise in delivering window and door designs that also provide peace of mind.

All the doors we supply have been manufactured to a Secured By Design standard and are independently tested. As a result, our doors incorporate a number of high security features to keep your home safe and secure. Home burglary may be decreasing, with a record low 650,000 domestic burglary incidents reported in the year ending March 2017, but this doesn’t mean your property isn’t at risk. Let us take you through the modern day door security features you can expect when choosing a door from our extensive range.

Multi-point locking

The history of door locks is a long story, but things have changed dramatically in recent years. Using steel hooks, our multi-point locking mechanisms are a far cry from the first pin tumbler system used more than six thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt. Multi-point locking comes as standard across our entire door collection.

The door is the primary point of entry in the majority of home burglaries, but with multi-point locking, would-be thieves find it particularly difficult to force open or kick in a door. The steel hooks used in our multi-point locking system aren’t just strong, they fully penetrate the door frame preventing it from being forced apart. Our locking systems also use dead-bolting to provide even more security.

Multi-point locking systems are one of the few mechanisms recommended by home insurers. Popular on garage and patio doors, the multi-point system is locked simultaneously with ease, thanks to just one key.

High security door cylinder

Ensuring your new doors are fitted with the highest security door cylinders is important as explained here by West Yorkshire Police:

“Cylinder locks are present on the majority of UPVC doors and we are aware that some offenders have developed a way of overcoming them to then gain access into a home.  West Yorkshire Police have led on this issue nationally with colleagues at Secured by Design and industry/trade authorities such as the British Standards Institute, the Door & Hardware Federation and the Master Locksmiths Association.  There are now ways that you can reduce the opportunity for a euro-cylinder burglary to take place at your home… West Yorkshire Police recommend that a 3 star solution is the minimum to achieve if you are upgrading your cylinders.”

With our high security cylinders, you’ll have no such security worries. Our door cylinders are anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap to ensure ultimate security.

Frame reinforcement

It’s not just the door itself that ensures security levels are high. The frames featured on our doors have been specially reinforced and thickened to make entry difficult for those attempting to infiltrate your home. Thanks to this reinforced frame, the hardware can retain its grip, locking the sash and surrounding frame firmly together. We also supply robust hinges to ensure the door can withstand impact in all areas. Made from stainless steel, these hinges are resistant to up to 50kg of steel impact.

Laminated glass

The use of glazing within a door may be a popular choice but many will have concerns about the security of the glass. These worries can be brushed to one side with our laminated glass unit. Glass is internally glazed and toughened to improve security and increase energy efficiency.

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