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Maximising light in your conservatory

With autumn upon us and winter drawing ever closer, our exposure to natural light may be somewhat limited in the months ahead. As UK residents, we don’t enjoy as many sun soaked days as we’d like. However, having access to natural light all year round is essential for our health and well-being as Homes & Property (@HomesProperty) described in their recent blog post:

“New research proves the importance of light in our lives — and why we should welcome more of it into our homes. Daylight maintains the daily cycle of activity and sleep — our circadian rhythm — that allows us to perform at our best. It is how we make vitamin D, important for our immune systems and healthy bones. It helps to control the hormones that govern many of our bodily functions. Even our genes respond to daylight, helping us to fight disease.”

One of the many advantages of having a conservatory fitted is the increased exposure to natural light. Conservatories bring the outside in to unlock a number of fantastic results for the people inside. As winter approaches, many peoples’ thoughts will be turning to how to best heat their conservatory spaces. As a conservatory owner you should also be taking steps to maximise light to ensure your conservatory is a room that you can utilise from season to season. Read on to discover our top tips for maximising light in your conservatory, even on dull days.

Freshen up your décor

Opting for neutral shades on your walls and your furnishings is a great way to maximise light within any room, including your conservatory. Dark colours may look edgy and dramatic but they absorb light, making rooms rather dull places to call home. Conservatories benefit more from the use of a neutral palette – think white, grey, stone and cream.

Accessorise with light in mind

Your accessories can make a huge difference to the amount of natural light available within your conservatory. As well as opting for lighter coloured accessories and furnishings, utilising reflective materials, such as mirrors, can enhance your room, bouncing light around to brighten the darkest of corners. Mirrored furniture and accessories not only thrust light into rooms, they look great too. In fact, there are countless stunning, stylish and super elegant mirrored furniture options available both on the high street and online.

Although your flooring can’t be made of mirror, opting for a high shine covering can provide an excellent alternative when compared with natural light absorbing carpets. Hardwood, polished stone or laminate flooring are all great options.

Keep clutter to a minimum

Nothing sucks light out of a space like clutter. Overcrowded bookcases, clever storage solutions that are bursting at the seams and an overabundance of wall hangings can make a room feel darker and smaller than it actually is. Keep your conservatory light, bright and clutter-free by having that long overdue clear out.

Upgrade your design

There are many ways in which you can guarantee a light-filled extension. If your home doesn’t currently have a conservatory or your existing conservatory is due for an upgrade, utilising a few clever design tricks during the installation or replacement stage is recommended. From raising ceiling heights to choosing windows with a slimmer frame profile, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to make your conservatory a light and bright space all year round.

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