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Build your own DIY draught excluder

Draughts from windows and doors are a common problem at this time of year. If your doors don’t meet the floor, breezes from outside can make your whole house feel cold. Draught excluders are an easy, efficient solution to this particular problem. The good news is you can save the pennies by making them yourself. Here are some DIY draught excluder tips to keep you cosy this winter.

Traditional ‘sausage’ design

Start with a rectangular length of fabric, around 40cm in width. The length should be just longer than the width of your door. Choose something from your local craft store which matches your décor.

Fold the material lengthways so the two long edges overlap. The decorative side should be facing inward. Carefully secure it in place with some pins. You should now have an inside out tube with two open ends.

Next, carefully sew along the long edge, following your pins. Remove the pins and turn the tube ‘right side out’ again, so that the decorative side is facing out. Fold over the material at one end and carefully sew it closed.

Take an old pair of tights and cut off one of the legs off (discard the rest). Insert a good stuffing, such as rice, into the tight until it’s full. When the tight is just slightly narrower than your tube of material, tie off the end to secure the stuffing. Push the tight into the material tube and then carefully sew the open end to complete the ‘sausage’.

Place your draught excluder at the foot of your door to keep out the winter chill.

Double sided design

Begin by finding an old pair of jeans. Jeans are perfect because the material is more durable than most other trousers. If you don’t have any old ones lying around, simply grab a cheap pair at your local charity shop.

You’ll also need two foam tubes, each about an inch in thickness. Cut your foam tubes to around two inches shorter than the width of your door. Cut your jeans in half and discard one of the legs. Line your foam tubes up with your remaining jean leg. Then, cut the material so that it’s slightly longer than the length of your tubes.

Next, turn the leg inside out and carefully sew along the ‘foot’ end. Insert both foam tubes into the leg, pulling them apart, with an empty space in the middle. Slide the flat, empty section under your door, so that one foam tube sits on each side.

It’s important that the foam tubes sit securely against the door in order to keep out any draughts. If they feel loose, push them closer to the door and pin the excess fabric along the outer edges. Slide the jean leg back out and carefully sew new seams, following your pins. Remove the pins and cut off the excess material. Your foam tubes should now sit securely on each side of your door.

Remove both tubes and turn your leg back ‘right side out’. Then reinsert the tubes, as before. Fold over the open end so it sits neatly against the end of the tubes but don’t sew it closed. With the unsewn end pointing towards the ‘hinge’ edge, slide your excluder back underneath the door. When you need to wash the material, simply remove the foam tubes and replace them when you’re done.

If you’re feeling creative, try adding some decorative buttons, beads, or ribbon to your excluder. For something more adventurous, try a pattern for a dog or cat design. Alternatively, add bead eyes and a forked tongue, to create a snake!