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A room with a view: Making the most of your surroundings

With summer well underway, every householder up and down the country will be spending more time outdoors. The outdoor space that surrounds your home provides the extended living space most need to embrace all the joys of the summer season, particularly when the weather is as fine as it has been recently. We may not have the sunshine on our side for the majority of the year but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t maximise your outside space and reap the rewards from inside your home too.

We recently revealed our five steps to a lighter, brighter home. We’re back to share our top tips for making the most of your surroundings, not just during the summer, but all year round.

Decorate your outdoor space

Bringing the outdoors in is one mantra most live by, but there are many benefits to bringing the inside out. House Beautiful (@HB) shares their advice on styling your outside space just like your indoor space:

“There is nothing quite like sinking into a sumptuous sofa with a glass of wine after a tough day. But imagine sinking into a sumptuous sofa beneath the sun? Outdoor furniture has come a long way since the days of plastic sun loungers and uncomfortable folding chairs. And it’s about time too; after all, you would never settle for these inside so why do it in the garden? One of the most popular outdoor products is Synthetic Rattan seating and it’s easy to see why. Thick, luxurious cushions sit atop of hard-wearing yet beautifully stylish bases that can be arranged into unique configurations to create bespoke seating designed especially for your garden.”

Create an all-weather viewing room

Creating a room with a view from inside your home is one way to appreciate the look and feel of your newly decorated outdoor space, whatever the weather. UK buyers pay a premium for a beautiful view (a view of water and rolling hills can add as much as 50% to a home’s value according to the Telegraph), so make full use of the greenery around you and in your immediate vicinity with the addition of a conservatory.

The building of a conservatory provides the perfect all-weather viewing room. Witness the changing of the seasons and create a space that can be enjoyed by all the family, whatever the great British weather brings. In addition to providing the perfect space to appreciate your beautiful garden and wider surroundings, conservatories also mean increasing the living space available. Conservatories have a number of surprising uses, and can double as a playroom, extra bedroom, hobby room or dining area.

Ready to make the most of your surroundings? Browse our range of quality conservatories today and become one step closer to creating the ultimate room with a view and a valuable, useful extension to your home. We also fit windows and doors, meaning you can harness the complete home upgrade package. Visit our showroom, request a brochure, or contact our team today for a quote.