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Maintaining your PVC-U sash windows

Sash windows unlock an array of excellent benefits for owners of traditional and modern properties alike. Some of the advantages of installing sash windows at your home include increased energy efficiency, ease of opening and closing, enhanced security and a stunning aesthetic finish. Sash windows are also particularly simple to maintain, especially if you opt for our PVC-U sash window designs.

Modern PVC-U sash windows give traditional timber sash windows a run for their money. They offer an authentic look without the need for annual sanding or repainting. That said, it’s still important to keep the glazing and frame of your PVC-U windows in tip top condition through regular upkeep.

Well-maintained PVC-U sash windows not only look great, they last longer. This ensures they can be enjoyed throughout the average 20 to 30 year PVC-U lifespan. Here our PVC-U experts share their top tips for maintaining your sash windows.

Clean the glass and frame

Paying attention to the whole window unit is important. Many people forget to clean the frames of their PVC-U sash windows but regularly polish their glazing to ensure maximum clarity. For PVC-U sash frames, gentle cleaning is the key to keeping those frames in almost new condition.

Avoid the use of harsh or abrasive cleaning agents. Instead, opt for some warm and soapy water. You may need something a little stronger to rid your sash window frames of stubborn stains. There are a number of specialist PVC-U cleaners on the market which are designed to clean gently and remove staining. Use similarly gentle methods of cleaning to remove smears and smudges from your glazing too, this time with a clean cloth and glass cleaner.

Pay attention to moving parts

The sliding mechanisms are vital to the operation of any sash window, whether made of PVC-U or timber. Keeping these mechanisms well-lubricated and free from the build-up of dirt will ensure you can continue to open and close your sash window with ease. Lubrication is vital to the function of all your windows’ moving parts, as explained here by the Double Glazing Blogger :

“It will be necessary during the lifetime of the window or door to make periodical adjustments and maintenance checks to the gearing. Regular maintenance of exposed metal parts by removing dust and grit will help them perform at their best. As a result of normal operating and atmospheric conditions, moving mechanical parts of windows and doors also require occasional lubrication.”

Lubrication of moving parts (including the sliding mechanisms and sash handles) can be completed as little as twice a year for optimum operation. Be careful not to overly lubricate parts though.

Reduce condensation levels

Persistent condensation can cause a variety of issues for PVC-U window frames. The presence of condensation can encourage the growth of black mold, particularly on and around window openings. This looks unsightly and increases the risk of unpleasant health problems. There are a number of ways you can lower condensation levels within your home and protect your PVC-U sash windows from damage.