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How to get the Lifestyle Trend of Lagom in Your Home

In 2017, Vogue touted lagom as the new hygge and ever since we have noted this trend as the latest one to follow. But what exactly is lagom and how do you embrace it in your home?

Hygge was all about appreciating moments in time. Lagom is not a million miles away from the concept of hygge but is focused on moderation. In fact, “not too much, not too little,” is the phrase used to describe this scheme. But just how does it translate from the glossy pages on websites and magazines into your home?

#1 Opt for sustainable and natural materials as much as possible

We’re all aware of how much we need to do to slow the decay of our planet and that means ditching some synthetic fibres and returning to our roots by opting for sustainable materials.

@jevansinteriors suggests that choosing materials which are simple, sustainable and functional should be at the top of your list.

In fact, the more you do this you more you’ll save in the long term as many of these items won’t need replacing for some years to come.

#2 Harmony and balance

The new way to describe minimalism, some people would argue, is harmony and balance. For too long, we’ve been driven by consumerism, the desire to have the latest gadget, gizmo, or fashion. Slowly, we’ve realised not just the damage to the environment but to us.

As well as making our homes as warm, snug and energy-efficient as possible, we also need to make decisions when it comes to accessories. And that means considering what you really need and want to have around you.

This doesn’t mean your home has to be bland or boring but demonstrates an understanding of when accessories and items in your home add to its simplicity and how you live, and when it becomes clutter.

#3 Focus on statement furniture

If the landscape within a room is flat and dull, it needs something to bring it back to life. Within the lagom style is statement furniture – something that will instantly lift a room.

Attracting attention from other areas of the room, choose which item of furniture matters to you most and make this the focal point. It could be a beautiful leather sofa, for example, or a pair of upholstered armchairs sat in the window of your living room.

#4 Declutter

If ever there was an excuse to get to grips with all the stuff about the place, then lagom hands it to you on a plate.

The Swedish way of living is about being happy with your lot and not forcing it or cluttering it with ‘stuff’. And so, before you hit the shops looking for statement furniture made from sustainable materials you need to really look at your home, how you live in it and the things you have surrounding you.

Lagom is a way of living that is becoming increasingly popular because it frees us from some of the consumerist traits we’ve picked up over the decades. Is this something that attracts you?