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Know when to repair your front door

Imagine the scenario. You spend an age choosing your front door, taking all the salient points into consideration from aesthetics and security to budget. Finally, you make a choice and install your perfect front door. A few years down the line, after suffering from exposure to the elements, and the constant opening and closing from everyday use, your beloved door begins to look a little weary. So how do you know when to repair your front door?

Maintaining your front door

With regular maintenance your front door will not only look better for longer, it will also stand up to its rigorous work schedule better. There are signs of wear and tear to look out for –

  • Door sticks upon opening.
  • Door creaks.
  • Door doesn’t close properly.
  • Dents in the door panels.
  • Dents on the frame.

There are many quick ways to fix these problems, and we’ve compiled a list.

Repairing a sticky door

A sticky door is down to either of three things; loose hinges, dirt on the door edges or ill fitting doors due to ‘house settling’. Try tightening the hinges, sanding the door and check for dirt or dust and clean thoroughly. Houses settle over time and this can result in a once perfectly sitting front door to become out of alignment.

Repairing a squeaky door

This very annoying noise, emanating from the door is usually down to the hinges. The first step is to dismantle and clean the hinge, inside of the barrel and the pin with a scourer or brillo pad. Once the hinge and parts are dry, spray with a thin layer of silicone spray,  WD40, or other light lubricant before fitting it all back together. It’s worth keeping the hinges topped up with lubricant every few months.

Repairing a dent

A dent in a steel door may appear impossible to repair, but it is actually quite a simple job –

  • Wash down the door, clearing away all traces of dirt and dust.
  • Sand down the damaged area, removing all the surface material until you reach the metal.
  • Layer on plastic or body filler until it lays smoothly and evenly.
  • Sand the patch until it’s smooth and even.
  • Prime and paint (in most cases you will require two coats).

Repairing a door frame

Industry experts are known to ‘say it as it is’, and it’s no different amongst DIYers! As UK Oak Doors recommend “the strength and security of a door are only as solid as the frame it is in.” So it’s wise to heed those words and keep a close eye on the door frame. It doesn’t have to be the end of the road for a rotten door frame as if caught early enough the rot can be cut out, the wood treated and the frame repaired. It’s vital to remove every bit of rotten wood before using either wood glue or screws to fix the new wooden frame parts in.

To prolong the lifetime of your front door, and to keep it looking inviting and smart it’s important to follow a few simple rules –

  • Choose the correct paint or varnish for your door material.
  • Remember to paint or varnish evenly both inside and outside of the door.
  • Take care when sanding, and avoid any glass surfaces.
  • Check for holes, scratches and dents and repair immediately. Small dents could lead to massive holes.

Of course, there may come a time when repairing a door just isn’t possible and you need a new front door. In our next post we will look at how to make replacing your front door as simple and as painless as possible.