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Increasing the privacy of your windows and doors

Domestic burglary figures are down to a record low of 650,000 incidents, according to the latest findings from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). However, there are many reasons to up privacy levels at your home. From passers-by to nosy neighbours, all eyes are on modern day properties, particularly those situated in built-up, residential areas. Your windows will catch the eye, particularly if they are stylish double-glazed units like the ones we offer. While a great aesthetic is important, you always want to ensure your privacy. Luckily, there are numerous steps you can take to increase the privacy of your windows and doors.

Try a frosted film

Gone are the days when net curtains were considered stylish. For windows and doors with glazed features, frosted film is an affordable and easy way to increase privacy, particularly if you’ve just invested in new units complete with clear glass. Here Ham & High Property reveals why film treatments are a fitting choice:

“If you want something less fussy than net curtains – and these days most of us do – how about frosted window film? This film is sticky on one side and gives a smart, contemporary finish both inside and out. The effect is the same in daylight and at night when the light’s on in the room, giving you total privacy. The only real disadvantage is that you can’t see through the film, so while people outside can’t see in, you can’t look out either.”

Window films are easy to apply, even if you have intricately designed windows and doors. Sash windows in particular will benefit from the application of window film. Film can be used on the lower part of the window to obscure the view from outside whilst still letting light flow in via its upper part.

Dress for success

Window dressing can make a huge difference to the privacy levels of your windows and doors. Bay and strait windows look great with the addition of a drape or roman blind, and there’s countless colours and designs to choose from. Blinds, printed panels, café curtains, shutters, sheer curtains and tie tops are just some of the styles that look great in modern day homes.

As well as providing an attractive finishing touch and increasing privacy, window dressing can also be used to direct how light is cast on the room. Discover 7 beautiful ways to dress your windows and become one step closer to better privacy.

Upgrade your windows

Upgrading to a more forgiving, privacy-enhancing window and door design is another great choice, especially if your windows or doors are due for an upgrade. With our window and door designs you can embrace the best of both worlds, benefiting from natural light and enjoying greater privacy. We supply a number of double glazed window designs, meaning both modern and traditional homes can find the window type, style and colour that suits.

We make choosing the right windows and doors for your home easy, get in touch with our team today to get started.