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Fairy doors: what they are and how to make them

What is a fairy door?

As you might expect, a ‘fairy door’ is a door that’s small enough for a fairy to fit through! You might come across a door like this in a woodland area, sitting neatly at the base of a tree. You might also see one indoors, at the bottom of a wall. According to folklore, these doors allow fairy creatures to come and go as they please. Naturally, making a fairy door is also a fun way to get creative and play at ‘make believe’.

According an article in International Business Times, writer Mary-Ann Russon states:

“The earliest recorded mention of fairies comes from 1000 BC in The Iliad, where Greek poet Homer wrote “watery fairies dance in mazy rings”. Many creatures that appeared in ancient Greek myths, such as satyrs, nymphs and sileni were also considered to be fairies, however.

The next oldest mention of faeries comes from 12th century England, when the historian Gervase of Tilbury mentions a type of fairy known as the “portune”, which ranges in size from 1.5 inches to the height of a little finger.”

Make your own fairy door

Making a fairy door is a great craft to try with the kids. It’s a fun activity for the school holidays or to pass the time during a wet weekend.

There are lots of different ways to create a fairy door. Some approaches will be great for all ages. Others will be more complex and better suited to grown ups. Try searching online, to find a tutorial that works for you and your children.

Below are a couple of ideas, to give you some inspiration.

Please note: These suggestions involve scissors and other craft materials. These should only be used with children of an appropriate age, at the discretion of the parent.

Fairy door 1: using craft card

  1. Start by measuring how high you want your door to be. If you plan to position it against a tree, this can be any size you like. If you want to place it indoors, you might want to match it to the height of your skirting board.
  2. On white craft card, draw a rectangle slightly larger than the size of your door. This will be your door frame.
  3. Next, draw a smaller rectangle inside the first, to be your door.
  4. Carefully cut out the larger rectangle. Then cut along three of the door’s edges, leaving the ‘hinge’ edge attached to the doorframe.
  5. Using paints or felt tip pens, colour in your door and frame. Try to match the colour of the frame with the area where you’re placing it. Get creative with the door itself. You could make it multi-coloured or stick glitter and sequins to it. Another option is to create a little sign that says ‘fairies welcome’.
  6. To finish up, glue a small button to the door, to look like a doorknob.

Fairy door 2: using lollipop sticks

You’ll need some lolly sticks for this fairy door. You can save these from lollies you’ve eaten, or buy a set from an arts and crafts shop.

  1. Begin by drawing the shape of your door on a piece of craft card. It should be the same height as your lolly sticks. Then carefully cut out the door.
  2. Once you have your door shape, begin gluing on the lolly sticks, working from one side to the other. When you’re done, the sticks should look like wooden slats.
  3. You can then leave the sticks bare, or paint them your favourite colour. Lastly, add a button or a bead, to look like a doorknob.

Have fun finding the perfect spot for your fairy door. If you position it by a tree, just remember to bring it home with you when you leave, to avoid littering.

[Photo by sophia8]