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How to choose a conservatory company

Choosing a reliable, affordable company with a good reputation will help your conservatory build go smoothly. It will also ensure you get good value for money and a great result. To help you find the right conservatory company for you, we take a look at the most important criteria for your project.


Cost is always going to be an important consideration when installing a new conservatory. The price of a conservatory can vary considerably depending on its size, quality and finish. A small, basic addition could cost you just a few thousand pounds, while a larger, high-end space could set you back tens of thousands of pounds.

When looking at cost, it’s important to balance between quality with affordability. The cheapest products don’t always offer the best value, so it’s important to talk to your chosen conservatory company to find out more about the extensions they offer.


The reputation of a company can tell you a lot about its philosophy and outlook. It will also give you an indication of the service you can expect to receive before, during, and after the build. To find a company with a good reputation, ask friends and family for recommendations.

Another good option is to head online and check reliable reviews for a few local businesses. These reviews – as long as they’re genuine – should help you decide which conservatory company is right for you.


Different companies offer different products. If you already have a fairly clear idea of what you want from your conservatory, this could well dictate which company you choose. Ask a few different businesses for their catalogues and photos of past jobs. Go through the pictures to find the size and style of conservatory that’s right for your home, and then talk to the supplier to find out the details.

If you find a company that has a great reputation and low prices, but doesn’t offer the exact product you want, talk to them to find out if they can tailor one of their existing conservatories to better suit your needs.

 Customer service

Customer service is incredibly important. “In fact, 86% of customers would pay up to 25% more to get a better customer service experience”, according to recent research published by @HubSpot.

Companies that have a good level of customer service are generally a lot easier and more pleasant to deal with.

If you know your chosen conservatory company answers calls and emails promptly, replies to questions, and is friendly and helpful, it will make the design and build process a lot easier.

The best way to gauge a company’s customer service is to call them. If they’re friendly, engaged, and willing to help, it’s a sign that they value their customers and the service they provide them. However, if the person you speak to is rude, short, or unhelpful, hang up and find a different supplier.

Find out more, and start planning a conservatory of your own, by taking a look around our site or giving us a call and speaking to a member of our friendly team.