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The cheapest time of year to make home improvements – From garden clearing to fitting a bathroom.

One of the quickest ways to save money is to use tradespeople at their quietest times of the year. Home maintenance is undoubtedly an essential expense for all of us. However, you’ll be pleased to know there are ways to save on home maintenance costs without going down the DIY route or employing a cut-price cowboy to do the work!

At certain times of the year, different tradespeople are in high demand, so therefore their prices are likely to be higher because they often can have their pick of the jobs available. However, when that trader experiences a quieter period, they will be keener to pick up work and offer more favourable rates. At Unicorn Windows, we took the time to put together this handy guide, so you know when getting specific jobs done around the home is likely to be cheaper.

Clearing your garden

Don’t wait until spring starts to show its head before getting your garden cleared. Research shows that January is the cheapest time to employ a professional to clear your garden. In addition, because a lot of the foliage has died, it makes the job easier for a garden clearance service when compared to undertaking the same work in March or April. Less foliage means potentially a smaller skip and less rubbish to clear, leaving you with a smaller bill.

New Kitchen

If you are after a new kitchen, it’s well worth waiting until February to make your purchase. It’s a quiet time for kitchen fitters as many of their clients would have ordered their new kitchens to be fitted in time for Christmas. So it’s well worth negotiating the rates at this time of year. Often you can get around 10% off the fitting costs. The same principle applies to kitchen extensions.

Replace Windows

If your windows require replacement or repair, consider waiting until March to get the job done. Most people book window fitters during September or October. Waiting until autumn will not only cost more, but you’ll likely have to wait longer for a fitter to book you in, and as the weather gets chillier, you probably could do without a window being removed. On the other hand, if you get windows replaced or repaired in March, you’ll save money and benefit from more spring-like weather than autumn chills!

Sweep the chimney

Another traditionally autumnal activity is getting the chimney swept in preparation for the winter months and anticipating fires on chilly nights. However, there are several reasons to consider getting this done over the summer months. Firstly a chimney sweep will be much quieter in summer, so negotiating rates become possible. Secondly, the chimney sweep will be able to inspect your chimney correctly, which is often difficult in adverse weather conditions.

Clear the gutters

The most popular time of year to get guttering cleared is October before the bad weather arrives. However, the best time to get it done, according to experts, is in May. This is because by this point, the worst weather has passed, meaning they can be adequately cleared out for the seasons ahead.

Fit a new bathroom

Looking to update your bathroom? Aim for September. It’s generally a quiet time when you could save up to 10%. Kitchen fitters experience a lull at this time as children have returned to school, and people are generally a little short of cash due to splurging out on their summer holidays.

We hope our guide has helped you think about the best time of year to get your next DIY project underway. Booking tradespeople at their quietest time of year means you will be offered the best rates available. In addition, the professional is more likely to be open to finishing your job quicker than during their peak months.