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What home improvement will you make this month?

Now that the holidays are over and we’re coming into autumn it’s time to think about making our homes cosy. 

And that means, redecorating or at least adding some extra textiles – such as throws, cushions and thicker curtains – and looking at ways to retain heat in our house.

In other words, doing a bit of home improvement. A recent survey by the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) found the startling statistic that 56% of residents in the UK don’t love their home. They’re either fed up with it, bored with their décor, or just can’t bring themselves to like it. 

Update those old kitchen cabinets

This is a great change to make. It’s easy, inexpensive and it’s an alteration that all the family will benefit from seeing as we all spend so much time in our kitchens. 

You can buy new kitchen cupboard replacement doors far more cheaply than it costs to buy new cupboards. Just make sure the doors fit your existing cupboard sizes. 

Then it’s a case of going off to your nearest kitchen store and choosing a different colour and design to what you already have. Install them yourself or get in a joiner. You’ll be amazed at the change this makes to your interior. You’ll feel like you have a brand-new kitchen.

Fit double or triple glazing

Been meaning to fix those windows for ages now? Well, before the winter comes is a good time to do it because you’ll notice the savings on your next utility bill. 

You don’t need to have saved for years for your new windows either since most companies these days offer interest-free or very inexpensive loans. That means you can pay off your new windows monthly over a period of years. And, the fact your home will let out less heat means you can put the money you would have paid to your utility company towards the new windows payment instead.

Saving money and making your home more energy efficient is great, of course – but you’ll also benefit from having lovely-looking new windows as well.

Fix up your home’s front

How your home looks when you first approach it, affects how you feel about it. If the garden is overgrown and the door paint peeling off then that’s definitely a bit depressing. What you want is a front area that gives you a bit of a thrill. 

@idealhomeamy: “Start with the front door to make a lasting impression, because the right front door ideas add instant curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for transforming an existing door. Not only does it revive the door, but it also adds a new look for the whole exterior of your home.”

So, get that door painted, call in a gardener if you don’t have the time or inclination yourself, and get any shabby-looking guttering and fixings repainted or replaced. You’ll be amazed how much better this makes you feel – and your home looks.